How to monitor your data usage on Android?

How to monitor your data usage Free on Android?

Shocked after seeing your Internet usage bills on the Android? Yeah…it is becoming really very shocking for those peoples who are paying the huge amount of bills. But now you might save a lot of your money with using this amazing application.

Yes…now you can keep record of your data plans. 3GWatchDog is the application that keeps the exact track on your Internet usage on the Android devices. There is lot more application available on the Android devices but this one is the best application. Indeed!

3GWatchDog is one of the best application that is very easy to use Android application that is currently available in the Android market. It keeps eye over your mobile internet data usage.

The amazing application actually guards you against the costly Internet overages. An excellent application that saves the over going amount on the Internet usage. Great!

Let's go through the excellent features of this app or the Android application.

• Most important it guards you against Internet overages.
• It looks your Mobile Internet data usage.
• The application also provides a detailed report of the usage.

It is just on top on all the other applications available in the Android market and is free too!

The latest premium version 3GWatchDog Pro allows you to master your smart phone plan’s limits by monitoring and guessing all your Internet usage on the Android applications.

Now there is no need to worry about the Internet or the data usage over the Android cell phones, tablets and devices.

Enjoy web surfing and VOIP calling with no data worry, that you can always track for free!!

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