How to Generate Your Future Baby Which Resembles Your Love?

Predict and Design your Digitally Perfect Baby (not a Robot) Personality Yourself, How to be like the God (Fun App)?

Every set of the parent wants their child to look fair, handsome and the most beautiful in the world, which resembles to them of course. Yeah…it’s really true.

We often hear that the eyes of baby are just like her mom, or the smile of the baby is just like his/her dad. Yes…it is quite obvious that the facial expressions or the gestures of the new born baby are just like his/her mom and dad.

Actually the parents doesn't know how their baby is going to look like, how is its color going to be? Whether the baby is going to be fair or dark? They are just unaware of these things.

This is all decided by the Nature Gods or the Human Genome or Genetics: a branch of modern Science, Biology and Chemistry etc. Like X or Y chromosome factors decide the baby gender, boy or Girl and many such bio-technology genetics avenues decide baby’s personality even before her birth, also perhaps get influenced by a few geographic factors like skin color, nose size or eye pattern etc.

Today there are many great inventions in the field of technology. Many innovative applications are discovered for the ease of its users. Yeah…here is the fun application designed for the moms and dads which allows them to generate their future baby face. Oh, that’s really wonderful!

This is a fun iOS Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad app / application so make sure that it doesn’t really works practically.

But for the sake of the fun you can generate the future face of your baby and feel happy.

First thing what you have to do is just give the picture of the parents and the application will automatically do rest of the work.

You can try to blend with the beautiful faces of the celebrities too!

Create the face of the baby with the numerous imaginations of how his eyes would be, his smile would be or his cheeks would be and create the picture and share it with your friends and family members on Facebook, Twitter or on email.

Enjoy the future baby snap and make yourself happy!

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