How to Do VOIP Phone Calls Over BlackBerry Playbook?

VOIP: Free Minutes and Incoming Calls on RIM-Blackberry Playbook Tablet PC

Blackberry!!!! Doesn’t the name itself sound very enchanting? But always while thinking about purchasing this smart cell phone we feel a bit tensed about the expenses while using later on. So it’s a huge sigh of relief for everyone who is thinking in a similar manner.

Comwave ePhone BETA a VOIP company from Canada is the an application of its kind that lets you receive and make calls on your Blackberry Playbook in almost 60 countries in the world that too for an amount that can be almost considered as negligible. So with this you can just relax anywhere, be it your cabin or hotel room, board rooms, or any other place, you can very easily make and receive calls through your RIM - Blackberry Playbook Tablet PC (RIM is also a Canada Company).

For your convenience the company has facilitated with a trial version, thus is very easy to download it. You just have to select a phone number and with this you will attain a 100 minutes. This will enable you to call any and every where in the world. This helps you to get a proper experience of how this works and when you feel that it is good enough you can purchase this ePhone.

You can purchase this ePhone for nominal fees of $20 per annum, don’t get surprised yes it is just this that’s it, isn’t it great? This fee includes the following things:

- A phone number of your own

- Unlimited free incoming calling

- Also there are no monthly fees; it is just a onetime fee of $20 that is to be paid for the whole year.

- You get 250 minutes of calling every month for the whole year and that too in 60 countries all over the world.

Of course when you exceed the limit you are charged a very cheap / low cost rate. This is an extremely exciting and a great product availed to all the admirers of Blackberry Playbook and simultaneously in very inexpensive to purchase.

One of the biggest advantage of this is that it allows provides its users with the facility of video calling also. So even the constraint of not being able to make video calls does not prevail with this product. This is something that today’s generation should definitely own.


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