How to Chat with Basic Cell Phone Users Who Do Not Have Internet or Gmail?

Gmail: SMS to Chat Gateway

As we all wish to chat on Internet with our friends and family, the biggest thing that we have in mind while chatting is Internet availability.

Also think of what about those who do not use Internet or say Gmail. As Google permits, Gmail users to interchange the chat messages in the form of SMS throughout 23 countries in the world.

But now this biggest search giant has opened another gateway for its users to chat and message more seamlessly.

This is the Gmail SMS chat. This is an application that will permit a user who uses Gmail to send a small text messages to a person who does not possess Internet in his phone. It does not matter even if the person has a most basic model of the cell phone and not only this; it is also okay if the person that you are sending the message to is not a Gmail user.

Another great feature is that the person who receives a message can also reply to the Gmail user. But in this case the person who is using the phone has to pay to receive or send the message. Also the exchange of messages depends hugely upon their contracts and the decided terms with their operators.

Though for the Gmail users the best part is that they don’t have to pay anything for sending and receiving messages, but it’s just that the number of messages that they can send or receive restricts to a certain limit which is set up by Google. One more thing to this is that each message that receives a reply automatically upgrades the limit permitting five new messages to be sent. Thus this enables seamless chat and text messages to and from any mobile phone.

This feature is extremely easy to install. All you have to do is click on the gear icon that is situated in the upper right. After doing this you need select the Gmail settings and then select the option for Labs tab. Also you need to save the changes that you have made in your account. So it is s simple as that.

It’s a great feature that Google has empowered its users with and it will also help all the users who just have a basic cell phone without Internet or even Gmail account.


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