Gmail to Phone: Cheap Overseas Calling, How to?

How to Make (Multilingual) Phone Calls from Gmail for Internationals

The world has become today is so secular and versatile. There are so many religions, countries, cultures languages etc. And now communication is has become really become an essential element for development. As there are so many languages spoken worldwide and to stay connected with everyone all over the world it’s necessary to know not all but at least maximum of them so that we can be in touch easily.

It is practically impossible to learn so many languages, but it is equally necessary to be able to communicate in those. Hence for our convenience Google has provided us with a platform which can enable you to call in 38 languages worldwide that too the rate of International calling being very low. Google has now spread out the reach of Gmail’s phone calling feature, by bringing down the cost of international calling making the feature available in 38 languages. This is a product which is powered and owned by Google. The product will release all over the world in very soon.

Once you have the calling feature available in your Gmail accounts then an icon in green color will appear, after this calling feature is available in your respective country. Also according to the plan of the company, the internationally calling will become a lot inexpensive and cheap to more than 150 destinations and countries all over the globe.

Also for the users who use the facility of Gmail phone calling to your friends in the United States, Canada will be able to call for free. As the calling in United States, Canada will be absolutely free till the end of this year, which is till the end of 2011.

Also the company is aiming to make it simpler for people to stay connected to each other from every possible aspect right from messages to emails and even audio or video chat and now with calling internationally. And that not just calling but also calling and communicating in 38 languages.

It also offers to purchase a calling credit that too in option of four currencies of your choice. The currencies in which you can buy this credit for are Euros, Canadian Dollars, US Dollars and British Pounds.

As having an audio or video chat has given great convenience to the users of Gmail, but then it was thought that what about the people who cannot really sit on the computer and make a chat, so it this product was evolved to facilitate such people. Hence now you can directly call through your phones using your Gmail account and that too in an extremely inexpensive way also in 38 languages.

This has eliminated the obstacle of a computer, the expensive cost and even the language problems, so isn’t it awesome?!

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