Get Firefox for Android, How To?

Learn about Mozilla Firefox Mobile Web Browser for Android Devices and Tablets
Take Firefox wherever you go! Yes from the desktop to the cell phones and that too without any pause. Oh, is that true?

Yeah…Mozilla Firefox, a global, non-profit organization which is totally devoted to making the web beneficial for everyone has released its new update to Firefox for Android. That’s great!

With the help of this Firefox on the Go, the users will observe a revitalized interface and the developers will surely enjoy new tools that makes a lot easier to develop interactive mobile web applications and websites. How cool!

Well, the Firefox for Android mobile devices furnishes a smooth way for the users to take the Firefox experience everywhere along with the lustrous look that allows its users to enjoy the websites that they want to visit.

The interface is easy going with the Android look and feel. The fonts and the buttons are now enhanced for tablets.

The interface looks nice. The welcome page helps the users to discover browser tools and features that are suitably stored in the side panels. The users can feel the experience of fast zooming, decrease in pixilation due to increase in showing the images in the Firefox for Android.

Firefox for Android has the support for the tools that helps the developers to create rich, cool mobile API, web applications and websites. Interesting!

The developers can build the web experiences that detect touch and gestures with the help of single touch events.

Let us review the features of this new browser Firefox for the Android:
• It has an awesome screen that you can browse with no or minimal typing work.
• You are able to access your browser history, bookmarks, passwords and open tabs from any other devices.
• You can also modify your browser quickly and easily!
• High speed access to all your queries.
• You are now able to enjoy the ease of tabbed browsing on your cell phone devices.
• Also you can dress up your browser in the way you want.
• You can share the applications like Google, Facebook, Twitter and many more to keep your friends bound with you.
• You can the information you want when you are on the go.
• Just swipe to the left and bookmark any site with just one single touch!
• You can enjoy the full screen view too!

The new Firefox for Android is fast and easy to use with all the latest security and privacy features updated.

Stays connected on Firefox on your Android mobile device or Tablet PC on the go, browse the web, call VOIP on Android, using apps and go safe online!!

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