Free Phone Calls to Mexico, UK, US, HK, Canada, Australia

Do you want to spend more time with your family and friends? Here is the solution for you. GOOBER networks has some thing free for you, the free Domestic and International VOIP calling web based application called “Calling America”.

There are many people who have their friends or families in US, Canada, UK, Australia, Mexico and Hong Kong and other few 40 nations. For them this going to be a bash! Yeah…the service provided by Goober known as “Calling America” offers unlimited calls to any landline or cell phones in these locations.

Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch App to make free International Calls

As the name suggests, you are now able to make unlimited calls to any phone number of US and Canada and also in some destinations like UK, Australia, Mexico and Hong Kong that too for FREE.

This service given by the Goober is currently not provided by any of the VOIP providers such as Skype. So, this is going to be the first service with lots of avail abilities in itself and which is more beneficial for the users too.

The call time for the callers is up to 2 minutes each per day. For the service you do not need any downloads or any extra features to be added in your PC. Even callers computer microphone and the headsets are automatically get configured. It’s interesting!!

The service is completely endorsed by the advertising sponsors. The callers can view a small advertisement at the beginning of each call and then their call is placed to the desired landline or mobile number for free.

The most interesting option in the service is that the person to whom you are calling can view your own mobile number so that he easily can recognize you.

Always be in touch with all your friends and families with such a fascinating service just provided for you!

Stay connected!!


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