Free IOS VOIP Calling App: Talkatone

Apple iTunes store has some nice iOS VOIP and communication, utility apps: like Talkatone that allows its users to make phone calls using Facebook as well as Google Voice.

Talkatone free calls and real time location sharing VOIP app (over 3G/WIFI) is the one of the best, most popular application for iPhone and iPod touch and has now became universal means it is now available for the iPad users too! Oh, that’s really wonderful!

The application was first appeared on the floor as soon as the release of iPhone. It then went through various upgrades and is now available for iPad users too! Cool!

Talkatone is a very simple and easy to use application. What makes its simple is that, once you enter into your Facebook or Google account, you are on the go.

The applications biggest feature is that it is completely a free App! Wow that’s great!

With the Talkatone, you just need to be online through the WiFi or 3G connections and one more advantage that it does not use your cell phone minutes! Awesome!

The application is supported by the advertisements but if you want to avoid those, just subscribe for the premium service. The premium version also supports multiple accounts, individual wallpapers and various ringtones.

Calling through Facebook is really possible but make sure that your Facebook friends also have the application installed on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Enjoy calling through Facebook…it’s just easy!!


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