Free AutoCAD Software App for iPad, iPhone iPod Touch

Free AutoCAD App for Apple (iOS) iPad, iPhone iPod Touch

Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is blessed with another innovative application called as “AutoCAD WS” {Computer Aided Design}. It’s interesting and good for engineers, engineering drawing students all over the world!

AutoCAD is the engineering (technical) drawing software or a technical tool which helps you to design and figure the world around you in your own way. It is the application for 2D and 3D geometrical designs, patterns and drafting. You can thus shape up the things with the flexible features which are found in the AutoCAD software application.

AutoCAD software application allows you to design the things according to your requirements with the numerous add-on available in the software.

Every time you laptop or PC is not with you or you might not have the Internet connection so, don’t worry there! Your AutoCAD software is now can be accessed on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch oh! That’s cool!!

Yeah…AutoCAD WS, innovative, amazing software by the makers of AutoCAD has specially designed to view, share and edit the DWG (drawing) files on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

DWG files are the binary format drawing files which are used to store 2D and 3D design data.

Yes…from now on wards you are enabled to share your drawing files on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. How interesting!

You can revise your drawings; share it with the coworkers even when you are in the meetings or outside the office. The email attachments of the *.DWG files can be easily open directly on your smart phone device.

The astonishing features of the AutoCAD application are:

• Edit and view the DWG file within any web browser on your PC as well as on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

• You can store millions of files on your online work space.

• You can share it with the other peoples online and work simultaneously with them.

• You can keep online files up to date with AutoCAD WS plug-in.

Go through the exemption of carrying your files where ever you go around the globe!

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