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Muscle booth app
Muscle app
How to Become a Macho Man (or a Woman) of Your ... ; )

The Gen. X is very crazy about their looks & feel. Everyone wants a perfect macho look with flexing muscles. So, guys are really going crazy regarding their looks. The guys literally spend most of their time in the gyms and the fitness hubs. But everybody cannot afford paying the high amount in the gyms and hubs. So, don’t worry!

Looking for An app for Perfect Body, Biceps with Muscles?

Here is the best solution for those who are gadgets geek or love iOS gadgets, and who they are unable to go to a gymnasium.

Yes…Muscle Booth Application. It is just for the entertainment purpose. You can enjoy the application for some time.

The killer app / application lets the user’s picture to be view in the toned and in perfect body structure.

Yes…it’s the high time to pump out your muscles without joining any gym or instructor or Yoga Classes, Yoga guru or exercise etc!

Just add the muscles to your body and look like Rambo or a macho man, a superhero!

The Muscle Booth application mixes the multiple effects to give the realistic look to your body. It’s just going to be amazing when you or your friend look with the perfect macho figure! Isn't?

Let us go through the astounding features of this great application
• Choose a picture of your own or your friends from the photo library.
• Draw the lines to easily pump out any part of the body with the help of this application.
• You can increase or decrease the size of the muscles too! Great!
• Here you are with the perfect figure as you wish it would be. Then save the picture.
• Share it with your near and dear ones on Facebook, Twitter or email.

Enjoy the funny comments which will rejoice you.

Enjoy the great fun as well as the great, dreamed look of your body with this amazing application.

NB: Hey Girls / young ladies! you should also use this app on your Apple i-device to get a more fitter body than your perfect macho man ; ) Make Him jealous of your muscles and body shape, ‘He’ will forget the magic numbers: 36-24-36, give it a try : )

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