Facebook Mobile Messaging App: How To & What it is?

Mobile Messenger Free Communications App for Facebook Friends': Whats and Hows?!
Facebook's Mobile messenger is all set to take the mobile and telephony world of Apple iMessage, RIM's BBM and Google+ Plus!

Every one of us relies on the cell phones to send and receive texts. Today’s generation is moreover and rather addicted to mobile messaging service. But is it easy to reach some one on their mobile phones quickly? The answer is yes…

Yeah…now you can easily go for the instant messaging with the help of Facebook Messenger. It’s wonderful!

There are rumors that the Facebook cell phone messenger has a hidden video chat feature, which may get an expose in the near future?!

Facebook Mobile Group Messaging Made Easy

Facebook, the great social networking site has made its move towards the instant messaging market with an application called as Facebook Messenger. The application is for Apple iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Google's Android too!

The recently launched application has wonderful features embedded in it. The application consist all the features of Facebook messaging that includes emails, chats, text and instant messages.

With the help of this new application you can send the messages to your Facebook friends as well as to all the other friends who are in your contact list and that too with the delivery of notification or text. How cool!

Messenger is one of the amazing applications because of its great features. With one click you can send the messages as well as view the messages. As the messages are delivered through the notifications, your friends can get them in the right manner. It’s just awesome!

By just typing the name of the person, you can easily reach to your friends with the help of Messenger whether they are on the Facebook or in your contact list.

This launched application is the latest version of Facebook messages so all the conversations that are done are placed in one place whether you are on phone or on the web. You can view the entire history of all your messages. It’s just cool!

It becomes little difficult to contact the bunch of peoples when any plan changes in the last minute is not that? But don’t worry now; you can now quickly coordinate with them with the help of group conversation and messages at once. Fantastic!

There is another great feature added in it, the people who are messaging can easily track each other’s locations on the map… exciting!

Messaging has become easier than ever with this new application.

Just have a glance…you will really enjoy!








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