Create Artificial 3G to Send Email, SMS Over iPad

How to send Email, Attachments and Text messages from your iPad using your Apple iPhone's 3G Connection, when there is no internet connection available for your iPad?
Apple iPhone 3G Legalized Way Tethering:
Imagine you are in the area where there is no WiFi connection to your iPad, and you do not have 3G connectivity as well on your iPad, and you still want to send an urgent mail to someone! Oh! It will just make you angry! Yeah…but don’t worry at all!

Now you can send your email / attachments / texts from your iPad using your iPhone’s 3G network connection. It s like a 3G tethering, that’ really great!

Convert your iPhone into a private 3G HotSpot for your iPad Tablet PC

Artificial 3G is the application that will permit its users to send the emails or the SMS using the iPhone’s 3G connection when there is no Internet connection available there. How cool!

This excellent application will send all the data to the iPhone via the Bluetooth device. Also the application sends the messages from your iPad using your iPhone wireless service. It’s such a great application indeed!

Yeah…from now onwards there is no need to worry about the Internet connections availability as the Artificial 3G is at your service.

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