Conference Pad App for Apple iOS

Conference Pad: Presentation App for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Do you want to make everlasting impression in high-tech meetings? Do you want a hassle free approach at the important meetings or talking at the large auditorium without being stuck to the reading desk?

…here is the absolute solution for your query....the conference pad.

The conference pad is the controlling device designed for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that permits any number of other devices to connect to it while it displays a *.PDF on its own screen and also on any connected display. It’s mind blowing app!

Great thing is that the display is totally under your control! Like when you change the pages, zoom in and out or tap the pointer all the other devices that are connected to your conference pad will do the same thing. Wonderful!

With the help of this application you can able to control 15 Apple iPad’s, iPhone’s and iPod touches devices (iOS) from your device and that too simultaneously and wirelessly over Bluetooth or WiFi. Wow that’s great!

Indeed conference pad frees you to travel and make your presentations strong. You can make perfect impression using this high-tech, multi-iPad controller.

Let us go through the outstanding features of this application:

• It controls a PDF from any device on any other devices which are running on Conference pad.
• It automatically shows an external screen bonded to an iPad.
• Just by tapping and holding you can move the laser pointer.
• You can zoom and pan instantly within the screens with complete clarity.
• The application has total support of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi system.
• The devices that are connected will automatically recover the PDF files as per their requirement.

Take the complete control over the meeting conferences and leave a real romantic impression on one and all!

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