Make free calls & text to any iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac

How to Make Phone Calls, Texting for Free to Any iPhone, iPad, PC (Windows or Linux) or Mac, Facebook friends in the world, even without requiring the recipient to register for the service or download any software...? They say, this is simple and fast than Skype the VOIP?!

How is the idea of having free messages and voice calls to any iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac over the world? It’s just amazing!! Yes…from now you are going to get the free service for all your calls as well as your text messages that too without any registration or downloading of any type of the software. That’s cool!!

Yes…”Messagenet Talk “is a free iTunes app at your service to provide whatever you want to do. You are now free to call or message anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Voice Over Internet App for Apple iOS devices, based on SIP open standards
Yes…the service provided by Messagenet Talk is FREE (free app for giving free calls and texts). Interesting! You can call to any PC or Mac without any software download and also you call or message between any iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch phones and that too for FREE! Amazing!!

Let us see what is this amazing service is?

VOIP app for Apple iOS i-gadgets:
“Messagenet Talk” is a new, amazing VOIP and messaging application for all the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch users as well as for all the PC’s and Mac users too. It offers free services that are far better than the services which are currently provided by the other VOIP providers.

Messagenet Talk an incredible application that allows users to make free calls or SMS to any PC’s or Mac users over the world without needing the receiver to register or download any kind of software. The callers can also connect with other Messagenet Talk users on their iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch, PC’s and Mac users for free.

The service let users to add another phone line with their devices which will be accompanying with them everywhere in the world without any roaming charges. It’s just great! Also you iPhone, iPad, iPod Touches are enabled to get worked as a regular telephone which is really cool!!

Let see the features of this great service
• You can talk for free with any PC or Mac users worldwide.
• Also you are able to talk with your Face Book friends for free too!
• You can use it on your PC or Mac without any kind of software installment.
• You do not have to make any special list of your contact on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
• You are able to talk easily with any PC, iPhone or iPad users by just sending them a link.
• You can call to any phone worldwide, the first 20 minutes are free!

Awesome VOIP free application! Stay connected worldwide!

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