Call Scheduling: Auto Dial Codes & Phone Numbers for Conferencing

Schedule Your Phone Calls with iCallDialer: This Auto Dials Codes & Phone Numbers for Call Conferencing

Worried about the scheduled calls or thinking how to manage or schedule your phone calls? can’t recall the number when it is required? Oh, it’s just an annoying situation!

But now don’t worry, all your problems have only one solution and that is ICALL DIALER. Yes…iCall Dialer is a program or an App that will automatically dial any phone number or a teleconference number when the call is scheduled. Wow that’s really great!!

Now there is no need to toggle for any number, no need to write or memorize the numbers. It’s just relaxing!

Yes…the amazing application furnishes safe way to dial numbers as well as codes and it also makes sure that you never going to miss making, attending any important call.

With this amazing application you can manage your important scheduled call wherever you are and that too in the right time. That’s great!

Let us have a brief look over the features of this application:

• The first important feature is that it pre-schedules your phone calls by automatically dialing any telephone number as well as any teleconference code.
• The application provides alert at the time of the call so that you never miss any important call. Also there is no writing or paper work required for that.
• You are now free from dialing the numbers while driving. Yes…once you received the alert and if you are confirmed to make the call the numbers are automatically dialed for you.
• Invitations have been sent to the other callers and have their phones automatically dialed outbound calls.
• Initiate inbound phone call request.
• It maintains the history of scheduled and dialed calls too!
• Also it allows you to dial any scheduled calls in demand.
• Say goodbye to phone calls while on a drive, with the help of this iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch calling app.
• Web Syncing,
• This telecom App manages the phone calls for your users or other individuals.

Enjoy the hassle free conversations (communication) all the time wherever you are without any disturbance!!

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