Become a Digital Geek Today

How to be a Digital Geek for a Day?

On the Earth there are many peoples who are outlandish. To support those peoples you can now turn your face like them with the help of GeekBooth. Surprised?

Yes…there is a brand new application called as GeekBooth, which can turn your face like the Geeks. The application is created by the Ginger Booth and Sketch me!

What is a Geek?

Well, Geeks are the human beings too that are little bit freaky in their looks. Their whole face is covered with the glasses, braces and acne. So, they get insulting treatment from the society. Why? They are human beings too like all the others!

So, there is chance for you to support these peoples. Yes…with the help of GeekBooth application you can now change your facial appearance like the geeks by creating acne, wearing glasses and braces too!

Let us see how the amazing application works?

Just snap a picture of yours or you can use the existing photo of yours are just follow some elite steps and here you are ready to be like Geeks. Yes…you can now share this snap with your friends on Facebook or you can mail them. Hence show your outstanding support to the Geeks.

Let us see the features of this spectacular application:

• Your face is correctly placed in the center with the help of amazing face detection system.
• The braces are also correctly placed by brace detection placements.
• You can control your face appearance of acne through the slider present in the application.
• You can share the photos via emails and Facebook with your friends.

Be proud by giving the great support to the geeks with the help of GeekBooth.

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