Be an Instant Hit, a Digital Celebrity (Hero), How To?

How to become an internet celebrity?
How to become an Internet celebrity?
Be a Digital Legend / Celebrity (Hero)

Want to become an overnight celebrity like: Barack Obama, Lady Gaga etc, than learn how to be in the Digital Age?

Do you want to look like a legend or your favorite stars? You can be a star, among the stars! Do not touch the stars, be a Star instead : )

Do you want to take the snap with your most darling actor or actress? Yes…then here is the ultimate digital solution for you.

Yeah…the celebrity booth is amazing iOS app / or a mobile software that is really going to place you in the glares, within the galaxy of celebrities and the stars. How cool!

The application is designed for Apple iOS : iPhone, iPad as well as for iPod touch to enhance the beauty of your look along with the celebrities.

It would be a great fun to click your photo with your beloved star. Really exciting! The application is basically used just for fun and entertainment.

Yes…the amazing application will allow you to create the pictures of you looking like your favorite stars with their original bodies! Oh, that’s great!

It is now possible that you can place your image directly besides your most adorable star with the help of this awesome application. Wonderful!

The application is very easy to use and it will entertain you as well as your family. Also you can place photo of your face on the face of the celebrity and can have the same hot, rocking look!

Share the beautiful picture with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and amaze them. Enjoy the comments and fun unlimited.

Redefine yourself as the most astonishing star with the help of this awesome iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch app.

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