Auto SMS & Missed Call Reply App for Android

How to Activate the Auto Texting & Missed Call Reply on Google Android? Is there any Utility App for Android?

It happens often that when you are driving or busy in the meeting, you phones rings suddenly or a message pop ups. Yeah!! But it will be a great risk if you try to take the call or send any message.

Don’t worry there!!! You can now respond to your caller without taking any risk by using an amazing application called as Auto SMS (Autoresponder / SMS Scheduler). Cool!

Yeah…the application itself sends an automated text to the people who want to contact you while you are engaged in some meetings or busy in driving. Oh, that’s amazing!

Well, texting has become a very common and very popular means of communication with the friends. Hitting one single, quick text is much easier than calling.

Yes…texting while driving is very dangerous and texting in the middle of the work is often feels annoying to others. Fortunately, the application Auto SMS for the Android makes the messaging possible even when you are not available. Wonderful!

The application is embedded with numerous functions such as Autoresponder, SMS reader, Instant SMS, SMS scheduler, SMS listen and many more.

This wonderful application can automatically responds to the incoming message and missed calls too and is able to set a schedule to send the SMS in future time. One more important thing that it can read loudly an SMS in some supported language. Wow, that’s good!

The application Auto SMS comes with several different options. You are able to set up different profiles for some of the busy moments like when you are driving or in business meetings.

You just simply set up a “driving” profile and allow the peoples to call and text you and leave the Auto SMS application will do its work and you enjoy the driving.

Let us review some of the features of this smart application:
• The application automatically replies with the preset SMS for receiving the SMS and missed calls while you are busy with your other work.
• It is able to setup multiple profiles for auto response.
• You are able to set schedule to send the SMS in future for special functions or any special wishes to your family members.
• Also you can send SMS to a particular person frequently.
• The application also permits your phone to read the text loudly and scheduled the text so that it can be send later on.

Stay connected with whole of the the world while you are on the go!!


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