App Which Automatically Scedules Your Emails

How to Schedule Your Emails? Utility-Communication Essential App for Apple iOS (iTunes)

Is there any app which can automate or help me scheduling / organize my emails like present and future emails?

With the increasing work priorities, tensions, forgetfulness and worries in the life are you able to remember your Anniversary date? Or your girlfriends’ birth date?

If the answer is no, then here is the solution to keep your wife or your girlfriend happy! Oh, really?

Yeah…a new, awesome and incredible tool eMinder (available in Apple iTunes store) that will help you to remember each important thing. Wow that’s cool!

What does this new Apple iOS Email scheduler application does?

Well, eMinder schedules the emails for the future!

Yeah…you just type the email for the future right now and you can have it send it as early as in 15 minutes or as late as a decade from now. Oh, that’s really fantastic!

How that would be beneficial for you?

If you unfortunately forgot your anniversary date or the birth date of your girlfriend then with the help of this wonderful application you can set up an email of the date to yourself or to your wife or girlfriend so, that she will wake up in a very pleasant mood to an email you might have wrote 5 months earlier. That’s really wonderful!

Another great use of this application is that you can motivate yourself throughout your life by writing some good thoughts that are flashed when you are sad. It will help you to bring you out from the sad situation. Great indeed!

You can send unlimited emails using this iOS communication and utility application and navigate into the world of digital mails or simply the electronic mails.

Enjoy each and every moment of life, as it comes, as a moment does not often repeat itself and once the opportunity passes, it's gone!

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