App for Hands & Eye Free Emailing On the Go

A Free App for Eye & Hands-Free-Email Messaging (Reader) On the Go: Makes the Roads Safer!

Hands free email and messaging reader; makes the road safer
Hands-free emailing-Texting app
Just imagine that you are driving your car and you are waiting for an urgent personal email reply. It suddenly pop ups! Ooops! What would you do? Do you stop the car and read? And/or go for an accident or traffic police penalty? It will take more time. But now you don’t be anxious!

Hear the Emails on the go App for Apple iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

As the cell phone/mobile itself read the email loudly for you, surprised? Yeah…the new application called as Email’nDrive smart i-mobile app reads your emails loudly and converts your voice replies into the text format. Oh, that’s really interesting and relaxing too!

Text (Email) to Speech App

When you drive the vehicle, your hands are on the steering and your eyes are on the road. So you can’t read the emails or urgent messages. But with the help of this new application your hands are going to be free and your eyes too! It’s just a hand free and eyes free application. Amazing!

What you have to do is just listen carefully, a nice, sweet voice that reads your messages loudly when you are driving and reply without having any contact with the phone wow, that’s really wonderful!

Let us have a look at the amazing features of this communication app:

• The application plays the incoming messages, emails for you.
• It has the ability to reply quickly in your voice and convert it into text.
• It smoothly gets connected with any Bluetooth technology.
• It is congenial with all mobile carriers.
• It has text to speech technology and vice-versa.
• Works with many hands free tech devices.
• No typing is ever needed.
• Do not slows down you iOS device / phone / iPad.
• Works over WIFI / 3G / EDGE etc. networks.
• This app is Apple iPad and multitasking compatible.
• It has a customization auto-response.

Email’nDrive application is compatible with all email providers such as Yahoo, Mobile Me, AOL, GMX, Gmail, Hotmail and many more.

The application supports all the Yahoo accounts but you need to alert the POP , IMAP, SMTP etc.option in your Yahoo account.

Play with the mails while you are driving and have fun!

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