3D Sculpting on Apple iPad, iPad 2 Tablet PC

3D sculpting app
3d sculpture app
Design and Learn Digital 3 Dimensional Sculpting for Free on Apple iPad, iPad 2 Tablet, How to?

If Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo (the great Renaissance man) was alive in our era of multimedia, tablet PCs and smart mobile phones like Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad 2 etc, than they could be more talented and skill full then ever, their sculpting, painting or designing skills might have achieved some greatest heights than ever?!

Sculpting is the most innovative, artistic and creative art. Perhaps many of us loves designing amazing sculptures, clay sculptures etc. Everyone loves to make their hands a bit 'dirty' to create an artistic sculpture but now you can do your favorite ones without getting your hands dirty! That’s wonderful!!

Digital 3D Sculptures on Small i-Gadgets (iOS) Screen

Yeah…the Sculpt123D application for iPad allows you the cool way to get your hands dirty with a wonderful art.

The application allows the easier way to start. You can choose the shape from the photo library of creatures, persons many more as per your wish. Then you can paint, push and pull to make a wonderful sculpture. When you are done, just take the picture in the camera or you can also create the animated movie and upload it on YouTube. You can email this to your friends too!

You can also create the stencil of your own or your friend and could create pretty lively sculpture of it that would surprised to your friends after viewing that. How cool!
Let us go through the amazing features of the application, and the curls and curves:

• The application allows you to sculpt and experiment with the details of your creation just like you are playing with the real clay.
• You can raise the areas to create nose and fins and many others.
• You can soften the rough areas too!
• Also you can create the channels and valleys by pushing into the shapes.
• Also you can create the sharp edges and ridges.
• You can stretch the sketch as per requirement.
• Can make curvy, lumpy surfaces flat.
• Create large and small popping effects.
• You can add different color shades to your creation with the help of color palette
• You can import any photo from the existing photo library and can create the sculpture of it.
• Just create the amazing art and share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.
• Also you can save your creations in the photo library of your iPad.
• This application is free for limited time.
• You can print the stunning images to show it to your friends.

Awesome iOS 4.3 or later app indeed!!

Just get creative and ready to make, marvelous, stunning 3D creations on your Apple iOS iPad!

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