3D Photo Which Talks a Lot Like an Avatar

Talking 3D photos like Avatar
3D talking photo app
3D Talking Photo App for Apple iOS i-Devices

Awesome! You can now transform your snap (photo) into a rocking 3D Avatar. Yes…the 3D photo can also repeat every single word spoken by you. Amazing!!

Yeah…PhotoSpeak, newly designed software from the makers of Motion Portrait Technology can now transform any type of portrait into a live 3D Avatar. It’s just wonderful!

With the help of this technology you can now make anyone alive, just like the talking wall portraits which are commonly seen in every animated movie in the current scenario.

Let us understand the working and see the amazing features of this wonderful app
• Choose the photo from your photo library and view the changes in the facial appearance. It will start moving in 3D automatically. Cool!
• The application allows you to talk with the photo and the photo will repeat the words spoken by you.
• You can record the moving avatar and watch it as a movie later on.
• You can also change the moving avatar by applying various themes to it such as you make funny hair styles, apply glasses, masks, beards to it and see the difference.
• Last but not the least you can share your animated creation of the moving 3D avatar with your friends via Facebook, YouTube and Twitter too!
• You can also upload your new look as a profile picture on Facebook and Twitter.

Discover / get curious for the new things and enjoy & share them with lots of fun!! Thats should be the life's motto : )

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