3D Face Morph: Windows 7 & IOS App

3D Morphing App for Windows 7 Smart Mobiles and Apple iOS: iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone

The current leading technologies in the scenario are: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D etc. Everywhere you can see 3D movies, 3D games and many creative things in the virtual world of 3D and Augmented Reality.

Hey! Do you love to innovate? Are you also feeling creative? Yeah…there is a good option for you to accomplish your feelings.

Yes… Morfo 3D Face booth will allow you to make an amazing talking face of any of your friend’s photo as well as of your own photo and then record and share videos with all your friends! It’s amazing!

Really you can make your imagination power strong and can easily make various types of 3D faces with the help of Morfo 3D Face booth. You can imagine any objects of friends, celebrities, pets or of whatever thing that comes into your mind and create dancing, talking like 3D character. That’s really wonderful!

Once the photo is captured you can convert the photo into anything silly you want it to do. You can wear wigs to it, can do make up, and let it to speak in any silly voice or dance and many more. Exciting!

You want to show all the awesome creativity to the world? It’s just easy! Just record the video of all your fantastic creations and email or post right in your Facebook account and surprise your friends!

You can also send some birthday messages or an invitation of any party with the help of these 3D creations.

The application Morfo 3D Face booth is as simple, full of fun and flexible application. Let us see some astonishing features of it:

• You can convert friends, celebrities, pets, any drawings or any kind of object into a life like a 3D character.
• You can record and then share them with your friends directly on the Facebook.
• You can apply wigs and make up to the faces with over 80 different costumes.
• You can apply various themes to the characters too!
• You can change the shape and size of the characters instantly.
• You can make faces rock out to crazy cute, cartoons!
• You can create the characters in seconds by simply using edit features.
• You can make over the characters with some custom costumes like of super hero, fantasy hero, animals and lot more.
• You can email the videos to anyone.

Making innovative and amazing talking & dancing 3D Avatars / characters was never so easy before.

Let your imagination fly, rock & roll! Let’s rock too and enjoy! Bring your snaps and cherished memories to life!

... This 3D photo fun app is also available for the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, under the Photo Apps!

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