Call Home For Free: US Service Members Abroad

Gmail's Free, Real Time, Voice Calling Gift, Comes to the US Troops / Soldiers, Posted Abroad
Gmail to US Phones: Free Voice Calls for US Service Members having .mil email address

US uniformed army men, posted abroad now enjoy the free phone calls to their homes or anywhere to the USA from the respective countries where they are posted on their missions, courtesy Google's Gmail.

Free International Calling over Gmail (to USA) for US (Army) Military Men Posted on Abroad Missions

The requirement for the troops, to make the free phone call-s to the United States of America over Google Gmail is a valid US Military (.mil) email address,

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Make Google Voice On 3G/4G/Wi-Fi on Android Devices

Day by day the advent of new technologies are being evolved in the world of telecom and communications. One such is “Groove IP”. It is an application which is linked with Google Voice.

There are many other application too which allows you to make calls to any phone at low rates or free, but Groove IP differs from others. It permits you to make unlimited phone calls to any phone in U.S or Canada using your smart phones but not using your mobile minutes. Yes… it’s true.

Groove IP is an application in which you can make and receive calls using 3G/4G and Wi-Fi on Android devices.

Necessary things to use the application:

To use this application you have to get a free public phone number from Google Voice. Once you get the number then this application lets you make or meet the calls from anyone all around the world. This single number will help you to make the calls anywhere, free calls in U.S and Canada. Unbelievably, low rates for the calls elsewhere. Also it is able to resend the incoming calls to voice mail box.

One more interesting option you get with the application, if you have a mobile phone with Wi-Fi connectivity but no mobile plans, the application Groove IP is the best as it changes it to free spectacular working phone.

The application consists of a separate dialer who is used to make calls or you can use the default dialer and select the application which to use either Groove IP or your mobile service to make calls on a single call basis.

Let us review the features of Groove IP:

- You can call any phone in U.S or Canada using your smart phone device but not your smart phone minutes.
- Firstly, you have to get your free public phone number from Google Voice.
- You can start making and receiving calls using Wi-Fi and 3G/4G.
- The application itself sends your incoming call to your voice mail box.
- You have to pay low rates for the calls around the world except U.S and Canada where the calls are free.

“Technology… a queer thing” it brings you great gifts, One such is Groove IP.

Stay connected with the latest Technology as it makes your connection with the world comfortable and easy going too.

Experience the awesome Android mobile communication app (application)!!

App Which Automatically Scedules Your Emails

How to Schedule Your Emails? Utility-Communication Essential App for Apple iOS (iTunes)

Is there any app which can automate or help me scheduling / organize my emails like present and future emails?

With the increasing work priorities, tensions, forgetfulness and worries in the life are you able to remember your Anniversary date? Or your girlfriends’ birth date?

If the answer is no, then here is the solution to keep your wife or your girlfriend happy! Oh, really?

Yeah…a new, awesome and incredible tool eMinder (available in Apple iTunes store) that will help you to remember each important thing. Wow that’s cool!

What does this new Apple iOS Email scheduler application does?

Well, eMinder schedules the emails for the future!

Yeah…you just type the email for the future right now and you can have it send it as early as in 15 minutes or as late as a decade from now. Oh, that’s really fantastic!

How that would be beneficial for you?

If you unfortunately forgot your anniversary date or the birth date of your girlfriend then with the help of this wonderful application you can set up an email of the date to yourself or to your wife or girlfriend so, that she will wake up in a very pleasant mood to an email you might have wrote 5 months earlier. That’s really wonderful!

Another great use of this application is that you can motivate yourself throughout your life by writing some good thoughts that are flashed when you are sad. It will help you to bring you out from the sad situation. Great indeed!

You can send unlimited emails using this iOS communication and utility application and navigate into the world of digital mails or simply the electronic mails.

Enjoy each and every moment of life, as it comes, as a moment does not often repeat itself and once the opportunity passes, it's gone!

Free IOS VOIP Calling App: Talkatone

Apple iTunes store has some nice iOS VOIP and communication, utility apps: like Talkatone that allows its users to make phone calls using Facebook as well as Google Voice.

Talkatone free calls and real time location sharing VOIP app (over 3G/WIFI) is the one of the best, most popular application for iPhone and iPod touch and has now became universal means it is now available for the iPad users too! Oh, that’s really wonderful!

The application was first appeared on the floor as soon as the release of iPhone. It then went through various upgrades and is now available for iPad users too! Cool!

Talkatone is a very simple and easy to use application. What makes its simple is that, once you enter into your Facebook or Google account, you are on the go.

The applications biggest feature is that it is completely a free App! Wow that’s great!

With the Talkatone, you just need to be online through the WiFi or 3G connections and one more advantage that it does not use your cell phone minutes! Awesome!

The application is supported by the advertisements but if you want to avoid those, just subscribe for the premium service. The premium version also supports multiple accounts, individual wallpapers and various ringtones.

Calling through Facebook is really possible but make sure that your Facebook friends also have the application installed on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Enjoy calling through Facebook…it’s just easy!!


Get Firefox for Android, How To?

Learn about Mozilla Firefox Mobile Web Browser for Android Devices and Tablets
Take Firefox wherever you go! Yes from the desktop to the cell phones and that too without any pause. Oh, is that true?

Yeah…Mozilla Firefox, a global, non-profit organization which is totally devoted to making the web beneficial for everyone has released its new update to Firefox for Android. That’s great!

With the help of this Firefox on the Go, the users will observe a revitalized interface and the developers will surely enjoy new tools that makes a lot easier to develop interactive mobile web applications and websites. How cool!

Well, the Firefox for Android mobile devices furnishes a smooth way for the users to take the Firefox experience everywhere along with the lustrous look that allows its users to enjoy the websites that they want to visit.

The interface is easy going with the Android look and feel. The fonts and the buttons are now enhanced for tablets.

The interface looks nice. The welcome page helps the users to discover browser tools and features that are suitably stored in the side panels. The users can feel the experience of fast zooming, decrease in pixilation due to increase in showing the images in the Firefox for Android.

Firefox for Android has the support for the tools that helps the developers to create rich, cool mobile API, web applications and websites. Interesting!

The developers can build the web experiences that detect touch and gestures with the help of single touch events.

Let us review the features of this new browser Firefox for the Android:
• It has an awesome screen that you can browse with no or minimal typing work.
• You are able to access your browser history, bookmarks, passwords and open tabs from any other devices.
• You can also modify your browser quickly and easily!
• High speed access to all your queries.
• You are now able to enjoy the ease of tabbed browsing on your cell phone devices.
• Also you can dress up your browser in the way you want.
• You can share the applications like Google, Facebook, Twitter and many more to keep your friends bound with you.
• You can the information you want when you are on the go.
• Just swipe to the left and bookmark any site with just one single touch!
• You can enjoy the full screen view too!

The new Firefox for Android is fast and easy to use with all the latest security and privacy features updated.

Stays connected on Firefox on your Android mobile device or Tablet PC on the go, browse the web, call VOIP on Android, using apps and go safe online!!

Rotary Vintage Dialer App For Smart Cell Phone

How to Stud your Apple iOS i-Device: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with Free Rotary Vintage Dialer?
Do you recall the circular dialers which we were using in the past? My be they are now historical for the Gen X?! Yes… the same we all used to have. Now you can get back to the old happy memories with the help of the new application. Exciting!

Yes…an iRotary Phone, a cool, latest application that will really brings back all your memories regarding the circular dialer. Interesting!
Tell me more about Rotary Dialer for Telephones

Yeah…the iRotary Phone just works like the regular circular dialer. You just have to rotate the wheel for the number you want to dial. There is no need of tapping the buttons now. Cool! Realistic too!

How to Convert Your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch into a Rotary Phone Dialer with this iOS App?

Currently there are three different backgrounds for the phone for you to choose as per your requirements. More themes are going to be added later as soon as possible. In this application you can set the volume of sound as you require. You can also turn on/off the sound. Pleasing application!

The application has it total support to the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices.

It is really going to be interesting to have the circular, rotary dialers again which will take us to get back into our past memories.

Awesome iOS Fun and Communication Utility application! You will love it as well as enjoy!

VOIP-Communication Apps For Android

Get Hundreds of VOIP-Communication Apps For Google Android Mobile OS, How Can I and From Where?

For the fans of Google's Android device lovers, I have a cool list (from Android Market) of free and paid VOIP and communication apps for your Android mobile devices and tablet PCs.

Smart VOIP Applications (Apps) List for Android

Well here goes the list for all paid and and/or free VOIP calling apps (like Skype, Fring etc.), you can make free or cheap unlimited VOIP international or local calls (audio/video) using Android with these apps:

Communication Apps List for Android
Well, Communication includes all the VOIP calls but not the vice versa, Communication on Android device could be more comprehensive than that of VOIP on Android, VOIP is only one arm of the Communication channel, other may include emails, Texting, Voice Messaging, IM, online social networking etc etc, ours is an age of internet and communication, where the speed of communication sometimes overlap the speed of time : )

Anyways, here are some top VoIP and Communication (Free/Paid; Audio/Video) apps for your Android devices: Mobile / Tablet etc:

Now do not make a search, just make a smart search for VOIP telephony apps with Telephoon, and get what the best you deserve in VOIP and Telecom sector.

Just Bookmark this post for future references and share with yours via email, Facebook, Twitter +1, Google+ Plus etc,

Free 3D Gyro-Compass For iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G

Free 3D Gyro-Compass For iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G
3D Gyro-Compass app For iPad, iPhone, iPod
A Tech-Fun-Utility-Navigational, Free Apple iOS App: How to Put Gyro-compass 3D Free on iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G?

How would you react if the virtual 3D contents are being added in your real life environment? Oh! It’s is such a fascinating idea!

Yes…there is a technology known as “Augmented Reality (AR)”. AR permits you to add the 3D contents in your real life environment and moreover you can also act with this 3D content in your personal life as well. What an amazing technology!

Augmented Reality basically changes the way of viewing the information in the future. It generally brings the two different worlds together, the real world and the virtual world. It’s truly fascinating!

You can travel with your virtual friend while traveling in the bus. Yes…it’s going to happen as well!

Now the same technology is going to come with the iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G! How cool!

Have you heard about Gyrocompass 3D App? Well, it is like the Gyroscope, which is used to find the true North direction that is the point of earth’s rotational axis on the earth’s surface opposite to the magnetic north. It is commonly used on ships. They are the important feature for the navigation purpose.

Yes…now you can have the function of the 3D Gyrocompass on your iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G. It’s exciting!

The iPod Touch is blessed with the new technology called as Augmented Reality. Now your iPod touches are going to work as the 3D  Gyro-compass.

Yes…this is the amazing technology launched by the famous Star Walk application that creates the virtual view compass on the device without the real compass, wonderful!

It is really a great idea. You just have to locate yourself and point the built-in iPod camera towards the sun or any sky object. It will create the virtual image of the sky. The application itself swipes the virtual image to match with the real one. It’s so simple and amazing!

Gyrocompass is used to find the correct direction, which will be easy for you to locate yourself at certain destination in the map. It’s really useful.

A cool and free navigational iOS application that can be used in a very simple manner and is useful too, download it now for free from Apple iTunes app store.

Eye Color Effect App: Eye Color Changer, Red Eye Remover

Apple iOS Fun (Beauty) Face Apps: Magic Eye Color Effect-Eye Color Changer, Red Eye Remover App
This iOS Apple iTunes Store app is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G. This requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Everyone likes the eyes that are more beautiful and charming. Do you want your eyes to look beautiful and charming? Then here is the application that will surely help you out.

Yeah…Magic Eye Color Effect is the application that will magically changes the color of eye as it has the magical pupil effect too!

Magical pupil effects provided by the applications are rainbow eye, recurrent eye and many more. The amazing application is also furnished with 79 beautiful pupil templates. Amazing!

To use this application you do not need any type of setting done. This application uses a unique type of blending techniques to make a magical eye effect that will probably look natural on the eyes and also it supports multiple eyes in the same picture.

The application also supports the red eye removal system that removes 90% of the damaged red eye effect. Cool!

We will just have a look at the wonderful feature of this application
• The great feature includes eye color changer.
• You can able to put multiple magical color contact lenses.
• You are able to remove the red eye color damage portion too!
• The application is embedded with 79 beautiful pupil templates.
• By using the face recognition technology you are automatically able to place the position of eyes.
• You can view the picture in preview mode.
• The application has adjustable eye shape and size converter.
• The application supports high resolution system.
• It has nice working eraser.
• The application has multiple eyes support.
• It has easy and friendly user interface.

Look charming like Monalisa's world famous smile and Cleopatra's beauty with the colorful, sexy eyes forever!

AUTO CAD: 2D, 3D DWG, DXF Files Viewer IOS App

Auto CAD app for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Auto CAD app
View your AutoCAD Technical Drawing (3D Geometrical) and Diagrams on your Apple Ios: iPad 2, iPhone and iPod Touch!

Yeah… you are now able to have a look of all your important AutoCAD diagrams on your iPhone, iPod and iPad 2 with the help of the amazing app / application called as Turbo Viewer. Interesting!

A Free iOS Drawing App to support Auto CAD Engineering patterns

Yes…Turbo Viewer is the first application that supports both 2D and 3D CAD DWG files for the iOS platform. The Auto CAD application is free. Cool!

You can enjoy smooth and multi touch navigation as you zoom in and out as well as sweep through your diagrams. Also you can enjoy 3D orbit around your DWG and DXF files and that without any effort!

How to Generate Computer Aided Design
You can able to view the drawing files with the DWG or DXF attachment by sending an email to your iPhone and iPad email client. The AutoCAD drawing files can also be viewed through web downloads.

Let's have a look over the amazing features of this application:
• The application furnishes with online Wiki help system.
• The DWG and DXF files can be sent via email and can open in Turbo Viewer too!
• You can also view the DWG and DXF files from web.
• Along with the loading process of the drawing you can enjoy the full screen preview.
• If you don’t want the file which is being loading, you can simply cancel the loading process of that file and thus save your time.
• The best creations of designs can be saved and can be quickly displayed to view whenever you want.
• It automatically senses the 2D and 3D drawings and adjusts the appropriate multi touch navigation mode.

Turbo Viewer is going to be the fastest 2D and 3D drawing viewer on any platform. Indeed! It is the first in the series of next generation application.

Really awesome application! Stay tuned with all your graphics and designs on your iPhone and iPad!

Skype Access Wi-Fi Finder Free App for IOS

Skype Access Wi-Fi Hotspot (Social networking, VOIP Comunication and Utility Free App) for Apple iOS (iTunes Store): iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Are you a roamer or a business traveler all over the world? Here is the chance for you to reduce the data roaming charges when you are on the international travel or on a business tour. Oh, really?

Yes…the great communication giant, the VOIP leader Microsoft’s Skype has launched a new iOS application called as Skype WiFi. Great!

The social networking and VOIP communication free application is available for the Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) that enable its users to use Skype credit to connect to wireless public hotspots at a range of locations all over the globe like anywhere at restaurants, airports, railway stations etc. Wonderful!

Skype Access: A WIFI-HotSpot Finder App

Really the must have application for the international travelers. So, get online with over 1 million WiFi hotspots around the world. How cool!!

When you log in the Skype WiFi, you are able to see the list of global hotspots you can join. Once you are connected, you will only pay for the time you are online and not for any kind of downloads. Really cool!

Let us how this amazing application does really work?

Using this application is great easiness in itself. Yeah…once you download the application and log in the Skype account first you ensure that you have some credit in it.

When you desire to get online, no matters wherever you are in the restaurant, at the airport or at the train stations, bars or any other location, you just switch on the application and select the providers from the list. Every provider has its own charges listed. So, if there is more than one provider in the list you just have to choose the one which serves you the best.

This wonderful application can be used with over a million of hotspots all over the globe. But the usage charge alters between the hotspots providers.

Yeah…it is really good to see that online sessions are charged on per minutes basis. So, in this time you can download, email or surf on the Internet as you wish to without any concern of receiving a large bill. Wow, that’s great too!

So from now onwards there is no need to buy an hour or a day WiFi voucher if you are looking to just check an email or to do a Skype call.

The Skype Access WiFi application thus offers you cost effective and comfortable way to get online with your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) whether you are on your business trip or enjoying the holidays in abroad.

To get start with the application all you need is the Skype account on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and some credit. It’s just so simple!

Enjoy your overseas roaming trip with Skype Access WiFi technology, find yourself a reliable and cost efficient hotspot and get connected – stay tuned!

More References:

Auto SMS & Missed Call Reply App for Android

How to Activate the Auto Texting & Missed Call Reply on Google Android? Is there any Utility App for Android?

It happens often that when you are driving or busy in the meeting, you phones rings suddenly or a message pop ups. Yeah!! But it will be a great risk if you try to take the call or send any message.

Don’t worry there!!! You can now respond to your caller without taking any risk by using an amazing application called as Auto SMS (Autoresponder / SMS Scheduler). Cool!

Yeah…the application itself sends an automated text to the people who want to contact you while you are engaged in some meetings or busy in driving. Oh, that’s amazing!

Well, texting has become a very common and very popular means of communication with the friends. Hitting one single, quick text is much easier than calling.

Yes…texting while driving is very dangerous and texting in the middle of the work is often feels annoying to others. Fortunately, the application Auto SMS for the Android makes the messaging possible even when you are not available. Wonderful!

The application is embedded with numerous functions such as Autoresponder, SMS reader, Instant SMS, SMS scheduler, SMS listen and many more.

This wonderful application can automatically responds to the incoming message and missed calls too and is able to set a schedule to send the SMS in future time. One more important thing that it can read loudly an SMS in some supported language. Wow, that’s good!

The application Auto SMS comes with several different options. You are able to set up different profiles for some of the busy moments like when you are driving or in business meetings.

You just simply set up a “driving” profile and allow the peoples to call and text you and leave the Auto SMS application will do its work and you enjoy the driving.

Let us review some of the features of this smart application:
• The application automatically replies with the preset SMS for receiving the SMS and missed calls while you are busy with your other work.
• It is able to setup multiple profiles for auto response.
• You are able to set schedule to send the SMS in future for special functions or any special wishes to your family members.
• Also you can send SMS to a particular person frequently.
• The application also permits your phone to read the text loudly and scheduled the text so that it can be send later on.

Stay connected with whole of the the world while you are on the go!!


Para-Sky Diving: Free Fall App for Apple iOS

Sky Diving: Free Parachuting Fall from the Blues, Fun, Adventure Game App for Apple iOS

Sky diving / Sky Hand Gliding / Parachuting is the most thrilling, breathtaking experience. Float in mid air, pull down the rip-cord rope of your virtual parachute, falling down from the maximum height from the sky is really very exciting, electrifying! Oh, wow!

There are some peoples who enjoy doing the adventures or the thrill, but there are many who are afraid of this amazing thrill.

Yes…for those people who are afraid of doing the sky diving can fulfill their wish by playing the Sky diving game on their smart phones. Oh, that’s cool!

Yeah…the AFR Drop Zone is an ultimate sky diving and parachuting game. It permits its users to jump from the larger height, sky dive and do various tricks, then pull the rip cord and parachute to the drop zone target. Oh, that’s really awesome!

You can score the bonus points while in the free fall so, pull your parachute rip cord as late as possible to collect more bonus points.

Also at the Drop zone target, the closer to the center of the target the better is the score.

There are various drop zone targets (like NY City Central Park, Merritt island and many such) which are set for the players to choose while playing the game.

Let us see the features of this beautiful, thrilling game:
• The game features you with the realistic parachute in virtual world or on a digital screen.
• You can feel the adventure in your brain and body simulation, also hear the rock and roll sound while playing the game.
• Embedded with the stunning photo realistic graphics.
• The application has the International high score engine.
• It has a realistic free fall physics engine.

Enjoy the excitement in the mobile digital game and score more bonus points.

Just suit up and have the fun unlimited!!

App for Hands & Eye Free Emailing On the Go

A Free App for Eye & Hands-Free-Email Messaging (Reader) On the Go: Makes the Roads Safer!

Hands free email and messaging reader; makes the road safer
Hands-free emailing-Texting app
Just imagine that you are driving your car and you are waiting for an urgent personal email reply. It suddenly pop ups! Ooops! What would you do? Do you stop the car and read? And/or go for an accident or traffic police penalty? It will take more time. But now you don’t be anxious!

Hear the Emails on the go App for Apple iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

As the cell phone/mobile itself read the email loudly for you, surprised? Yeah…the new application called as Email’nDrive smart i-mobile app reads your emails loudly and converts your voice replies into the text format. Oh, that’s really interesting and relaxing too!

Text (Email) to Speech App

When you drive the vehicle, your hands are on the steering and your eyes are on the road. So you can’t read the emails or urgent messages. But with the help of this new application your hands are going to be free and your eyes too! It’s just a hand free and eyes free application. Amazing!

What you have to do is just listen carefully, a nice, sweet voice that reads your messages loudly when you are driving and reply without having any contact with the phone wow, that’s really wonderful!

Let us have a look at the amazing features of this communication app:

• The application plays the incoming messages, emails for you.
• It has the ability to reply quickly in your voice and convert it into text.
• It smoothly gets connected with any Bluetooth technology.
• It is congenial with all mobile carriers.
• It has text to speech technology and vice-versa.
• Works with many hands free tech devices.
• No typing is ever needed.
• Do not slows down you iOS device / phone / iPad.
• Works over WIFI / 3G / EDGE etc. networks.
• This app is Apple iPad and multitasking compatible.
• It has a customization auto-response.

Email’nDrive application is compatible with all email providers such as Yahoo, Mobile Me, AOL, GMX, Gmail, Hotmail and many more.

The application supports all the Yahoo accounts but you need to alert the POP , IMAP, SMTP etc.option in your Yahoo account.

Play with the mails while you are driving and have fun!

How to Generate Your Future Baby Which Resembles Your Love?

Predict and Design your Digitally Perfect Baby (not a Robot) Personality Yourself, How to be like the God (Fun App)?

Every set of the parent wants their child to look fair, handsome and the most beautiful in the world, which resembles to them of course. Yeah…it’s really true.

We often hear that the eyes of baby are just like her mom, or the smile of the baby is just like his/her dad. Yes…it is quite obvious that the facial expressions or the gestures of the new born baby are just like his/her mom and dad.

Actually the parents doesn't know how their baby is going to look like, how is its color going to be? Whether the baby is going to be fair or dark? They are just unaware of these things.

This is all decided by the Nature Gods or the Human Genome or Genetics: a branch of modern Science, Biology and Chemistry etc. Like X or Y chromosome factors decide the baby gender, boy or Girl and many such bio-technology genetics avenues decide baby’s personality even before her birth, also perhaps get influenced by a few geographic factors like skin color, nose size or eye pattern etc.

Today there are many great inventions in the field of technology. Many innovative applications are discovered for the ease of its users. Yeah…here is the fun application designed for the moms and dads which allows them to generate their future baby face. Oh, that’s really wonderful!

This is a fun iOS Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad app / application so make sure that it doesn’t really works practically.

But for the sake of the fun you can generate the future face of your baby and feel happy.

First thing what you have to do is just give the picture of the parents and the application will automatically do rest of the work.

You can try to blend with the beautiful faces of the celebrities too!

Create the face of the baby with the numerous imaginations of how his eyes would be, his smile would be or his cheeks would be and create the picture and share it with your friends and family members on Facebook, Twitter or on email.

Enjoy the future baby snap and make yourself happy!

Future of VoIP Calls to Pakistan

What is the future of VoIP Calls to Pakistan?

Comparing to the previous call charges, right now the call rates for making calls to Pakistan are much lower. However it will depend on what sort of plans you are taking for calling your near and dear ones in Pakistan.

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the most convenient way to make phone calls to this Asian country at low charges. If you have any computer with Internet facility, you can surely opt for the Internet based VoIP for communicating with Pakistan. The charges for per call rate are comparatively low.

To take advantage of making cheap VoIP ( Calls, one should opt for the recognized telephone service provider like Localphone VoIP system, which is much faster and easier to operate. You will have to download free software from the Internet and select the most beneficial plan for making cheap call to Pakistan.

How to call Pakistan? The most sought after answer is via Localphone VoIP system. The best part of signing in Localphone VoIP network is that you will be able to talk to your friends totally free of cost if your friend opens an account in Localphone network. It will be much more advantageous.

The Merits of VoIP

Furthermore, there is another plus point in using this VoIP network. You can opt for free soft phone, which will be effective to speed up the communication process through the Internet based protocol. To be frank the popularity of the Localphone VoIP network is shooting up. There is no monthly fee option or any extra hidden charge for making calls to Pakistan.

In addition you will have one more option to send voice mail or sms/text message through mobile network. The sophisticated technology has made it more profitable to call Pakistan. However there are other Internet based global telecommunication networks, which will come in handy at the time of making calls to this country.

Skype is another sophisticated and much profitable Internet based communicative tool, which can be utilized to make calls to Pakistan at the reduced rate. If you like to get the financial mileage, you need to make the online comparison study to collect different call rates/charges for calling Pakistan.

You can make calls residing in any part of the world through this global communication system. If you check the call tariff rates of Localphone VoIP network, you will find that this is the best VoIP provider offering $0.052 per minute. Therefore, you must be good decision maker in choosing the right VoIP service provider.

Telepresence Robots: Video Communication Breakthrough

Understanding the Concept of Tele-presence QB Robots in the Mobile Video Communications?

A next big tech future is awaiting you! Yes…the telepresence Robots, a new discovery has reached the market place and had created its place to bring the revolution in the Telepresence media. Awesome!

Yes… robotics actually offer advantages over technologies such as video-conferencing on the wheels. These robots attempt all the office works. Great!

The Anybots QB Robot is the most recent of the robotics and communication technologies that makes the mobile Telepresence systems, controllable from any web browser. Yes…these are the personal robots, studded with WIFI video cameras that help you in making video call conferencing from anywhere. Wow, really interesting!

Let us see a bit, what does the Telepresence and Robotics means to me?

The Telepresence robots are wheeled devices that are guided by a person sitting at a remote computer. So, if you are unable to attend the important meeting, no need to worry! Just send the robot on behalf of you and it will take your place around the conference table. Oh, that’s amazing!

The Telepresence robots are furnished with cameras, microphones, screens and speakers so that you can interact with the others sitting in the meeting as if you are present there. Wonderful application!

How the Personal Robots will help making Video Call Conferencing from Anywhere?

So from now on wards you are going to be a part of the action at work, or from home or anywhere. Yes…discover your own personal avatar with the help of this amazing application.

All you required is just a web browser to interact with the entire office staff. The robot moves smoothly and effortlessly giving the complete feel of your presence.

Also you don’t have to rely on someone to reserve a room with the video conferencing. Yes…you just recall the appointment time, set up a conference call and simply start the application and interact with the people as if you are present there.

Well, after the large session / meetings in the big companies, there is a tea break. Yes…here your robot can go and also interact with the different peoples. Yes, the avatar robot can go out in the hall and can let you to talk with the others too! Incredible!

Indeed…the great evolution in the world of mobility and the Telepresence!

Enjoy the era of communication, online social networking and discoveries!

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Mobile App Decides: To Whom You Shouldn't be Call While Drunk!

When the Mobile App Decides: To Whom You Shouldn't be Call While Drunk!

Oh no! Oh my God! What I have done?
... I have lost my job as well as my girl friend-s! It’s just disgraceful!

Yes…this is going to be end result when you make a call to your boss or your girlfriend-s when you are drunk! It’s really very shameful for you.

But yeah…now no need to worry at all because an amazing Apple iOS application which will prohibit you to make telephone calls when you are drunk. Wow. That’s interesting na?!

Yep …The Designated Dialer is a newly launched application for those who speak more when they are drunk. Awesome mobile app!

Designated Dialer is basically a drunken dialer lock for your iPhone. It does not allows you to make calls to the desired number when you drunk hard. Superb!

So, now you can enjoy partying with your friends as the Designated Dialer is at your service!

Most of the people have the habit that when the first sip of the beer hits their lips, they just jerk out their mobile phones and start making calls to anyone like their girlfriends, friends, family members, their office colleagues and many more. So, here the Designated Dialer is ready to help these peoples.

Let see how this smart phone app really helps?

You just have to decide to whom you shouldn't be calling when you are drunk and then just hit the “Lock my Phone” option of the application and here you go!

The designated Dialer will automatically lock those phone numbers whom you don’t want to call.

Yeah…Designated Dialer will edit those numbers so, every time you try to call them, you will get the toll free number that will remind you that you probably shouldn't be calling them. It’s just Awesome!

When you wake up the next morning, just run the application again and pass a simple coordination test, then your contacts will be put back to the normal and you will realize that you didn't make any bad phone calls. It’s feels just very relaxing!

Enjoy tension free, rocking, astounding party with your friends!

Enjoy the boom and the life, as it comes, this is the Mantra!

Voypi App for Android, iOS: Free Call & Text

Voypi (VOIP) Free Smart App for Apple IPhone & Android: Make Free Call & Text

Free callings and messaging on Google Android and iOS or Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch all over the world! Shocked? Yeah…with an exciting new app / product known as Voypi* it is now possible to make free calls and texts over iPhone, iPad and iPod touches. Wonderful!

*Voice over Internet Protocol is known as VOIP or IP calls and this app is named as Voypi
The wish of yours to have the cell phone calls and messages over the Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is going to be fulfilled now. Cool!

Yes…Voypi is going to rock the world by its ability to call and text your friends located anywhere in the world and that too absolutely free! Wow, great!

The smart VOIP application is super easy for use. There is no requirement of any application downloads, or ads and users do not have to create any account or any kind of log in.

The application works with your phone contact list so, there is no need to change any settings regarding the way you call or text your near and dear ones.

Voypi application is always ON; just like our cell phone so that you are always stay connected and it won’t make your phones battery exhaust quickly! Cool!

The latest application has lucid reception with a WiFi or 3G data connection. It just works like your regular cell phone and the push notifications assures that you are not going to miss any messages from now on wards. Oh! That’s really cool!

A lovable VOIP application for all those who want to make lots of cell phone calls. The application is free as it provides calling and texting to anywhere in the world with the help of any mobile carrier. Yeah…there is no charge for doing any kind of download nor does it cost anything to send and receive text messages. Great!

Let us review the outstanding features of this awesome application:

• It just works like your regular cell phone. The application is very easy to download. No hassles at all.
• You can find your friends who are already on Voypi and talk and text with them for free!
• You can invite other Voypi friends and add more friends so that you can talk and text for free.
• There are no hidden fees, no ads or not any trick as well.
• It has the great sound quality as long as you are connected with your friend anywhere in the world. Cool!
• You don’t need to create any special account to get access this application as it just works with your contact list so, you can call, invite or text people directly from the contact list. No need to search for any database for friends. It’s just all easy!

Let your smart Android / iOS iPhone-cell phone / tablet be completely free and enjoy the calls and texts without spending a single penny!

Skype VOIP Calls at Sony PS Vita

How Can I use Skype VOIP Calls at Sony PS (Play Station) Vita Gaming Handheld Wireless Console?

We are very familiar with the smart and best VOIP application called as Skype, acquired by Microsoft. Like Google we all use it on a daily basis, unnoticed that how much useful is this VOIP communication app.

Well, Skype furnishes you with numerous facilities such as UNLIMITED FREE Skype to Skype video chatting, P2P Silk Codec, one-to-one free calling, group calling and many more. The whole world is really getting closer with the help of this amazing application and that too in a very simpler manner! How cool!

Yes…Skype has its support to Sony Play Station Vita (using its 3G capability) and also we can do Sony PSP-Skype VOIP calling! Wonderful!

Skype really is providing even more conversations with its forth coming availability on Sony Play Station. Great!

The Vita is a handheld gaming device but Sony needs to compete it with the smart phones. So, it announced that the PS Vita will now have the features of Skype free calls to the other Skype users as well as to other phone lines. Cool!

It would be great news to hear that from now on wards the PS Vita users have the great chance to talk with their near and dear ones around the globe with the free Skype-to Skype voice calling! Interesting! Also they get an advantage of Skype’s low cost calls to land lines and mobiles internationally.

Stay connected with your family and friends on Play stations too!

Have free VOIP audio / video calls and fun unlimited!

Use iPad as a Sketch-Pad Design Digital Slate

How to use Apple (iOS) iPad as a Digital Sketch Drawing Tool?
Are you guys are interested in drawing your own sketches without any hassle? So, here is the amazing application for you that is “My Sketch”.

Yeah…My Sketch is a fun-drawing iOS application that can turn your photos into the realistic (pencil like) amazing sketch! Wow, really awesome, use this on Apple iOS: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch!

The great application that is going to have a real fun while sketching the drawings. The application is designed for iPhone, iPod Touch as well as for iPad (the Jesus Tablet).

The sketch designed retains the original quality of the photo without destroying it. The application achieves the realistic quality with the high perfection. It is really wonderful!

Let us have a look over the great features of the incredible application:

• This lovely application turns your photos to realistic sketches.
• You can create unlimited sketches using this application.
• The sketches can be saved in high resolution and they are suitable for printing too!
• The photos can be chosen directly from the photo album or can be taken from the camera.
• You can adjust the light as well as the contrast light to accomplish the best sketch.
• Yes…you can share your amazing creation with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and through email too!

There are plenty of effects and option embedded with this application which is really going to be very useful in sketching the photos.

Enhance your creation and enjoy the fun!

Humbug Integrates Fraud Prevention, Detection & Analytics into Elastix Open Source Project

Humbug Integrates Fraud Prevention, Detection & Analytics into Elastix Open Source Project

Ramat Hasharon, Israel – August 23, 2011 - Humbug Telecom Labs today announced the integration of Humbug carrier-class analytics, fraud detection and prevention into the Elastix open source project.

Elastix, created and under constant development by PaloSanto Solutions, is an open source unified communications server software that brings together IP-PBX, email, instant messaging, faxing and collaboration functionality.

"With Humbug Analytics Elastix users can have detailed traffic reports and real time fraud alerts," says Edgar Landivar, CEO of Elastix. "It is a very handy tool that is currently being used by IP-PBX administrators around the globe; many of them have downloaded it free from our Elastix MarketPlace."

“The sheer numbers of open source telephony developers and resources available to these communities make phone systems an easy target for hackers and phreakers,” said Yaniv Rofé, CEO of Humbug Telecom Labs. “Open source phone systems are typically used at smaller businesses that don’t realize that they eventually will be targeted. No phone system, particularly those that integrate other forms of communication should be left unprotected. Every business will learn this over the next few years. Hopefully it won’t be learned the hard way.”

Humbug Telecom Labs makes it affordable for any sized business to have carrier-class fraud prevention and detection, while providing powerful BI (business intelligence) that puts the users in command of their telecom activity. Humbug also offers free Visual Analytics so users can view all of their telecom traffic in real time, concise, readable Google Analytics type format. No PBX report even comes close. Customizable real time alerts can be configured by the user to track telecom traffic behavior and keep track of spending. Humbug is ideal for call centers, ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers), organizations that sell on the phone, or any business with significant telecom expenditures. Humbug easily integrates with a host of popular open source and proprietary PBX systems.

About Elastix/PaloSanto

Elastix® is developed and managed by PaloSanto Solutions an Ecuadorian Based Company.

PaloSanto Solutions is a leader in open source innovation and new technology in Latin America. Their experience in the development and implementation of open source solutions makes them the preferred provider to more than 1000 companies.

Since 2006, PaloSanto Solutions is the company behind the Elastix project, an Open Source Unified Communication distribution. PaloSanto began its operations in 1999 and now distributes its services through Ecuador and an extensive reseller network in America and other countries around the world.

Asterisk is a trademark of Digium, Inc. All trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.


PR Contact:

Michael Becce

MRB Public Relations

732-758-1100 x104

PaloSanto Solutions Contact

Michael Goncalves

Marketing Director

Conference Pad App for Apple iOS

Conference Pad: Presentation App for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Do you want to make everlasting impression in high-tech meetings? Do you want a hassle free approach at the important meetings or talking at the large auditorium without being stuck to the reading desk?

…here is the absolute solution for your query....the conference pad.

The conference pad is the controlling device designed for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that permits any number of other devices to connect to it while it displays a *.PDF on its own screen and also on any connected display. It’s mind blowing app!

Great thing is that the display is totally under your control! Like when you change the pages, zoom in and out or tap the pointer all the other devices that are connected to your conference pad will do the same thing. Wonderful!

With the help of this application you can able to control 15 Apple iPad’s, iPhone’s and iPod touches devices (iOS) from your device and that too simultaneously and wirelessly over Bluetooth or WiFi. Wow that’s great!

Indeed conference pad frees you to travel and make your presentations strong. You can make perfect impression using this high-tech, multi-iPad controller.

Let us go through the outstanding features of this application:

• It controls a PDF from any device on any other devices which are running on Conference pad.
• It automatically shows an external screen bonded to an iPad.
• Just by tapping and holding you can move the laser pointer.
• You can zoom and pan instantly within the screens with complete clarity.
• The application has total support of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi system.
• The devices that are connected will automatically recover the PDF files as per their requirement.

Take the complete control over the meeting conferences and leave a real romantic impression on one and all!

Become a Digital Geek Today

How to be a Digital Geek for a Day?

On the Earth there are many peoples who are outlandish. To support those peoples you can now turn your face like them with the help of GeekBooth. Surprised?

Yes…there is a brand new application called as GeekBooth, which can turn your face like the Geeks. The application is created by the Ginger Booth and Sketch me!

What is a Geek?

Well, Geeks are the human beings too that are little bit freaky in their looks. Their whole face is covered with the glasses, braces and acne. So, they get insulting treatment from the society. Why? They are human beings too like all the others!

So, there is chance for you to support these peoples. Yes…with the help of GeekBooth application you can now change your facial appearance like the geeks by creating acne, wearing glasses and braces too!

Let us see how the amazing application works?

Just snap a picture of yours or you can use the existing photo of yours are just follow some elite steps and here you are ready to be like Geeks. Yes…you can now share this snap with your friends on Facebook or you can mail them. Hence show your outstanding support to the Geeks.

Let us see the features of this spectacular application:

• Your face is correctly placed in the center with the help of amazing face detection system.
• The braces are also correctly placed by brace detection placements.
• You can control your face appearance of acne through the slider present in the application.
• You can share the photos via emails and Facebook with your friends.

Be proud by giving the great support to the geeks with the help of GeekBooth.

The Messages in the Clouds

Texts which are beyond mere words, and larger than life!

Imagine you got the congratulation message from your friends written on the clouds when you wake up in the morning! Wow, so surprising!

Yeah…this is going to be happening from now on wards. The innovative application for Apple iOS: iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad has been designed. Yes…Swakker Skywrite!

This amazing application allows you to draw or type a message and share it with your friends who views an airplane write in the sky. Wonderful!

The application is really very useful to brighten up someone’s day and to cheer them up with a beautiful message. The application can customize music as well as background and smoke colors too!

This amazing application is enriched with lots of best options that will let you to play for hours. It is the best way to send a statement or messages to your dear ones in a unique style. Cool!

Let us see the features of this amazing application:

With 3D Navigation, Zoom into the Clouds

• The application is en-grafted with 10 sky backgrounds that will let you to bring the variety in your messages.
• It has 12 smoke colors as well as 5 airplane colors to enhance your creativity.
• Also you can put background music along with your message too! Yes…the application has 6 different songs in it.
• The application can give you the great 3D experience with which you can zoom into the clouds, swing the image and also you can form a chain of messages till the horizon.
• The users have the full control over the time limit of the message staying in the sky.
• Also you can select the speed of wind and its direction too!
• You can choose any design which comes in your mind or you can also select from different patterns or from list of phrases.
• You can send the messages to your friend who is already having the application.
• Share the images through Facebook MMS or via emails.
• The application is totally free!

Cheer the near and dear ones with this amazing application. Really great application!

Have fun unlimited and messages beyond words!

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