Who Has Largest Followers on Google Plus? Mark, Larry, Lady Gaga?

Who Has the Largest Followers on Google+ (Google Plus)? Is it Mark Zuckerberg, LarryPage, Lady Gaga or ... ?

An interesting question and a strange fact is making viral loops on the web that who has the highest number of followers on Google's online social network The Google Plus?

Google Plus is not so old now and is on the invite only mode due to heavy demands, this is said to be one of the finest rival of Facebook and the Microsoft's Skype VOIP Free online video chat to with its Google+ Hangouts GROUP VIDEO CHAT free services,

Well, amazingly the creator/founder, CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg holds the highest number of followers on the Google+, can you believe that his followers are even more than that of Google's creator and CEO, Larry Page (on whom name Google has a popular algorithm to judge the SEO quality of any web page, known as 'PAGE RANK' system),

If the facts are not screwed and are true than this could be a mind blowing twist for Google Boys! They are perhaps rightly taking the Facebook storm with their Google+ signals, this is now all in-between the online search business and the online social networking,

Trend is suggesting that people are increasingly becoming more addicted to the various online social networks like Facebook, Twitter and even the most desired need of any web property, the search engine is trailing perhaps?! Huh! where are we going,

...They say that in their times, people sit & use to talk face to face, now they love to talk on Facebook, Facetime free video chat by Apple, Hangouts by Google+ or Skype free video calls : (

... They also say, that society was meant to be the power of the people and their group or services in this real world but whole of the world has been transformed and has evolved from Real to Virtual; the society is now online and social networking hangs in the virtual world over the Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Mobile texting and chatting etc, few has the time to trot or taste the real world life,

we are becoming a SECOND LIFE Avatar, which is for the brainy, and for whom who has no or a little time,

The time has come where the thoughts or ideas rules over the old fashioned field or hard work, online social networks needs all things to be done with a click of a mouse, here Cats & Dogs do not have a place but the Mouse have, this is the online revolution of social networking and communities : )

Anyways ... Life continues!!!

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Avinaash Kapur said...

Great post. Google+ hasn;t even started the verification system and these celebrities have a huge number of followers. I have a list of top 10 celebrities on my blog

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