Watch CNN live on iPad, iPhone (Application)

How to watch CNN live on Apple iPad, iPhone?

Your TV is with you wherever you go!!! Oh! Is not that amazing!

Yeah… the US cable news channels CNN will now have a live streaming on iPhone, iPad. Great!!

The US cable network had decided to broadcast its news channel online on the smart phones. CNN is the first channel to provide the 24x7 news reporting and now it will begin as a live telecast of the its new channels on all the smart phones.

CNN is the first news agency to flow it television channels online and on cell phone devices to customers who signs to a multi-channel video service. With this new launch, CNN has also introduced its new video experience which incorporates live TV network into larger and higher quality video player.

Here are the main features:

• The video quality is very good.
• It has the ability to make personal playlists.
• It has the access to demanded episodes.
• You can forward or rewind the program as per your requirement.
• It has total video coverage of live events and video clips.
• You can view the news in depth.
• You can communicate by commenting on stories.
• You can contribute your views about the news stories.
• You can share the news on Facebook, Twitter.
• Also you can save the news to view them later.

Well, it’s time to be update with all the news of world in fractions of second. Stay tuned on your iPhone, iPad!!


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