Skype for Mac: Screen Sharing, Multi Tasking Guide (VOIP)

VOIP: Skype 5.2 Update for Mac: Screen Sharing & Multi-Tasking guide

SKYPE… you will find hardly anyone who is not familiar with this word on this globe. It’s the world’s most popular, easy to use instant messenger and voice over IP chat service with audio / video effects.

Hats off to Skype using which you can chat and view your family and friends all around the world.

The service provided by Skype the VOIP not only saves your expensive phone bills but also adds and share the remarkable moments in your memory.

Skype feels proud to announce the new version of Skype 5.2 for Mac which is ready to capture the market of web call conferencing technology. The new version is accessible for download.

Skype currently have the facility of screen sharing on one-to-one Skype call which is free, but the new version adds an option of group screen sharing too which is super cool!!

Let us go through with some astonishing features of the new update:

1. Skype for Mac users can share their screen with the family members and friends during the group video call.

2. The group makes the conveyance on the group calls much better by allowing peoples to view photos and documents.

3. One more interesting option for Skype Mac users is if you want to change to another program, you can still view the person with whom you are conversing previously. Finally the Skype adds the feature of multi tasking for the users.

4. You can view the “ most active conversation” under the “ recent” tool bar

Overall, with Skype for Mac, you will feel your communication list less littered and have a comfort to sail through.

To share the screens and perform multiple tasks you need to have the Skype Premium subscription downloaded on your machine which ultimately allows you to:

• Group screen sharing
• Live chat customer support.

Share your screens, save your valuable time, take care of your money, and handle your conversation greatly with anyone on Skype.

Get face-to-face, get together as frequently as your wish, for free (Skype to Skype calls) wherever you are on the earth we are under the Skype's SKY !! Enjoy!!


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