Skype VOIP on Facebook: Virtual Video Web Chat

For the guys who are Facebook addicts (among-st 750 millions+ global Facebook users), now you can remain hanged there for all of your life doing video webcast / chat for an unlimited period of time and all is free,

Skype has powered its cool video calling peer-to-peer (P2P) technology over Facebook social network,

Every big web property is trying hard to woo the 'traffic' on it site for a larger portion of time, Google, Facebook, Skype etc all are in a race for traffic grabbing by offering more and more freebies to the internet surfing community,

Recently Google launched Google+ to acquire internet traffic like Facebook social network, Google+ has HANGOUTS feature which offers free group virtual meeting with up to 10 people,

Facebook Video Chat with Friends and Family

The Facebook can never be far behind of this Google step, they partnered the Microsoft company SKYPE VOIP and arranged for a free and unlimited virtual web chat over Facebook, without leaving the Facebook so anybody over the Facebook may call their friends for free and make the Skype VOIP video calls,

Learn How to start Free video calls on Facebook via Skype VOIP

One-On-One Video Chat versus Group Video Calling on Skype - Facebook

Right now Facebook and Skype Video web calls are only one to one and not group calling like Google+ Hangouts, {why Facebook-Skype Big boys think that we the netizens still prefer only one-to-one video chat??} but hold the breath, they (group video chat) are on the way so you can make unlimited and free video calling for free on Skype over Facebook friends network,

Skype - Facebook Video calls over cell phones Apps (Mobile Phones)? Nah!

Skype powered Facebook web VIDEO calls are ready to take the online or the virtual world but are unable to use over the cell phones or mobile devices like Fring group video chat on the go over iPad and smart cell phones (Android / iOS).


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