Video Stabilization Software in (Android) Google Talk; What & How

Video Stabilization Software in (Android) Google Talk; What & How

The connectivity to the world at large has become easier with the cell phones and the new age tablet PCs. The technology is upgrading every time. The video chatting is becoming more and more popular. People need “Walk and Talk”, but there are some limitations in that.

When people are in locomotion and talking during a video chat, the broadcast image appears to be shaky and it becomes difficult to watch them, you had felt many times na?!

To avoid such problems, a new application has been in the town. It is for the first time the tablet users have permission to SRI’s 2D video stabilization software, which is engrafted into Google talk application and has an access on Android devices.

It’s a Silicon Valley based research and development organization. It sponsors R&D for governments, businesses and many other foundations. SRI contributes it’s innovations to market place through technology. SRI is known for its broadcasting innovations.

Video stabilization in video chat in tablets, But how it works?

Image stabilization is actually a technology used for digital cameras but for our real time image stabilization for videos chat services, it requires more calculating power.

It is a real fun to video chat while moving, but without video stabilization the picture quality becomes poor and thus the images look shaky.

The video is been caught by the tablets or smart phones front facing cameras. Once an image is taken by a camera, it is channelized. The software works by discovering the user’s face and thus stabilizing that video before it is contracted for the transmission.

Video channelization algorithm gains the bandwidth used to encode the video with the amount of motion in the video. The video are rather easier to compress because there are little motion in that. So, the video stabilization is performed in less work.

Google perfectly had chosen SRI technology for stabilizing video chats on Google Talk making video chats with an un-shaking pictures on anytime, anywhere feel for all the android users.

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