Used Mobile Phones - Are They Worth It?

The value you put on a used mobile phone is purely an individual one which depends on your attitude towards the environment and technology. For a start, if you simply want a mobile phone to keep you in contact with family and friends while away from home, the age of the phone will not worry you. If you are more into Wi-Fi, Facebook, online games and music you will no doubt see little value in your old phone - at first glance anyway.
A used phone that has been discarded by an owner for a more advanced product may have great value to a person in a poorer country because of the possibility of recycling it for its metal components. In a more affluent country the used phone is more likely to finish up in a drawer somewhere, or tossed out with the garbage, as statistics show only four percent of used mobile phones are recycled in developed countries.

Avoid Irresponsible Discarding

People who place great value on keeping the environment as pristine as possible realise that discarding used mobile phones in an irresponsible manner can be quite destructive, especially when you consider the huge bulk of used phones that are out there, somewhere in the vicinity of two billion and growing. This shows you just how important it is to avoid polluting the environment any further with your mobile phone, especially when it can be so easily avoided by disposing of the device properly, and recycling it through the appropriate organisations.

Recycling for Value

There are many resources that go into making a mobile phone that are not renewable. These come in the form of various metals, many of which are quite scarce. Your used phone can be recycled where these metals are removed and processed into other sparkling new products, once again creating real value. But the phone itself can still retain its value while it remains operational, especially to people who can not afford to buy a new phone themselves.

Bringing Joy to the Less Fortunate

Where your used mobile phone may not be of much value to you any more, it can have great value to a person in a third world country. Some organisations on the internet will buy your used mobile phone and ship it off to a developing country, where the recipient will be as proud of it today as you were when you first purchased it. If it is not operational there are sites available that will take your used phone and sell its contents to make other products.
The one thing that must be avoided is to allow your used phone to finish up in landfill where its toxic components can eventually break down and leach into the soil where they can then find their way into streams and rivers. It is therefore worthwhile to make sure your used mobile phone can bring joy to somebody less fortunate, or be recycled into another worthwhile product.

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