Turn iPad into Big & Real iPhone, Make Voice Calls

How to Use Apple iPad & iPad 2 as iPhone or a real Telephone, (Not for Free: $10 a month)?

Even where there the SUN (light) has no reach, the telephony has : )

As we unwind many new technologies our lives have really become so much easy (really? Is it?) and relaxed that we rely so much on these technologies.

Every day we hear about so many new applications, services and products unfolding into the market and of course due to all this we can explore so many new things. We cannot talk about the latest technologies with out talking about Apple and iPhones and iPad, isn’t it?

But while using the Apple's iPad or iPad 2 we often we feel that I wish there was a phone inbuilt with this iPad or say that you could send a text message don’t we?

Now Get a Phone number for your Apple iPad 2, iPad

But now you can take a sigh of relief, the mobile communication is being enhanced as there is Line 2 (Toktumi). Line 2 is an application (app) that converts your aspiration of adding phone functionality to the iPad. Line 2 is the first technology of its kind to discover such an application, it brings second line as a VOIP line to your iPad, iPad 2 or iPhones.

With the help of this cool telephony application users can make voice calls through your iPad, iPad 2 send text messages etc.

Not only has this but one can also create multi caller conferences. This is one way to convert your iPad into a giant iPhone. This application also supports Bluetooth on iPad2.

Features of Line 2 VOIP app

• It possesses carrier grade texting for text messaging with any phone through any carrier.
• You can also avail the facility of voice mail and listen to messages or even videos.
It is possible for users to transfer an existing number to Line2 or else even get a new local or either a toll free number.
• It is very inexpensive to make international calls and it is absolutely free to call to United States or Canada.
• You can feel the pleasure of voice quality as it had HD Audio.
• This is a completely transparent affair and does not involve any kinds of agreements or equipments and even no hidden expenses.


This is NOT free. This may be a bid question to every one, because if there are so many features everyone may be thinking that it’s too expensive. But to your surprise it is not that expensive. It is comparatively way cheaper to any other services. The trial version of this application is free to download. But later on this charges a subscription fees which varies from $9.95 per month to $99.50 per year.

Lets all hold our breath, this application will certainly 'crack' the screen of your iPad / iPad 2 when you will have this on your Apple's tablet PC : )


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