Track Your Car in Parking: Take Me to my Car App for iPad, iPhone (3G)

How to Track Your Car in Parking Lot?

Take Me to my Car App for iPad, iPhone (3G)

Track Your Car in Parking: Take Me to my Car App for iPad, iPhone 3G (non-GPS)

Oh my God! Where did I park my car?

Many a times you had this question in your mind. In this concrete world, it now is becoming hard to remember all the little things.

Most of the times, when you go for shopping or anywhere out, you just tend to forget the location where you had parked your car, but now there is no need to remember the location because an application has been designed which allows you to take directly in front of the car. Yeah… what a relax feel!!

Take Me To My car”, is the application recently launched. The application really will help you to solve your problem in just a few moments. Cool!!

This application supports on 3G iPhone, iPad. It works best on them. Just make sure that your WiFi connectivity is working properly.

The application saves your current position and then permits you to get direction to your parking lot location. One more outstanding thing, it works as a regular map application which allows you to browse and zoom in and out on the map.

The application is just simple and easy going application. The most important thing is, it is FREE.

We will have quick review of the amazing features of “Take me To My Car” application:

• It functions quicker than ever.
• It shows you the exact display of the remaining distance.
• It shows you the exact position accuracy in meters.
• It is a pleasant, accurate and easy going interface.

Well, from now you don’t have to take stress of the location of your car parking!

Forget your car, luxury BMW or such now and have a happy go shopping, sea surfing, speed race in Formula 1 or just bay watching!!

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