Top Smartphone Apps for Small Business Owners

You own a small business or a home based business, and you know you need to have a mobile presence. You probably own an iPhone, Android device or a smartphone running Google's operating system, or maybe you have a BlackBerry. Whatever device you own, you might be like a wrestler, circling the thing to see how to get a handle on it. Don't let it scare you, though, because it can be a handy tool to have in the field. Downloading the apps you'll need to do that business is as simple as pressing the install button and you're off and running.
First Things First
Downloading a hundred cool apps to help you do business won't do you a bit of good if you need an umbilical cord to charge your phone. JuiceDefender, which is free and serves Android, puts mobile apps and other memory drains on hold until you need them. Keeping the battery strong during business hours is an important part of doing business.
Show Me the Money
Everybody wants to be paid for his or her time and business. Intuit GoPayment turns your smartphone into a credit card processor. It works on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry and is free to download. There is $12.95 monthly service charge and .30 cents fee for authorizations. Fully encrypted and secure (, it allows you to be paid instantly in the field.
A handy little gadget to have, this app makes it easy to ditch a bunch of paperwork. Invoice your customers in the field and have electronic records of it. Omni Invoice, for iPhone, costs $4.99 and figures up taxes, tax exemptions and codes, plus keeps records of delinquent payments. That's half your filing cabinet, right there.
Where Did I Put That?
If you're not one of the four organized people in this world of ours and can't afford a secretary, this might help. Evernote, free for most all operating systems, takes your notes and insights into account in the form of text, audio, and photo, then routing it to the desktop. It also has mapping and language options. This is a secretary you can afford.
Fly Me
If your small business or home based business requires travel, keeping up with a pile of numbers like flight times, hotel numbers and such, could be confusing. WorldMate, free for most operating systems, organizes appointments, flights, hotels and rental cars. It also has a tip calculator, currency converter and world clock.
Now that you're in your hotel room, having made twice last month's sales, it's time to kick back and check out what's on the tube. Nothing that appeals to you? In that case, grab your phone and click on iMDb for a relaxing movie, a comedy show with your favorite comedian or a rousing action-adventure movie. All work and no play makes a phone top-heavy, and we can't have that. Pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for mastering those apps with a smashing movie or stream some good music.
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