Time Travel AR Apps: Convert iPad, iPhone, Android into Time Machine

Time Travel AR Apps: Convert iPad, iPhone, Android into Digital Time Machine

How will you react if your smart phone takes you in the (sweet MEMORIES of the) past? Shocked!!

But yeah…your iPad, iPhone and Android are now taking you back far in the past memories. How exciting!!!

One cannot forget the golden moments of their childhood. Also the moments spend with the family members are also unforgettable. But as you know time never stops for anyone but now you can travel the time through various levels.

Yes … few mobile phone applications have been surfaced with which you can have remembrance of your past golden moments.

HistoryPin: Pin Points the History

A free Android app has been launched to take you back in the past memories.

'What was There', links you to past historic Photos with Augmented Reality (AR)

Feel the History in the Augmented Reality (3D) Around you:

What Was There” a project that includes a website and which permits you to post your snaps with the date and destination and also you can browse all over what other peoples have posted. The project developers also recommended peoples to post their olden golden moments before they might lost them from their memory.

The most interesting part of What Was There is that it combines the past photographs with their current locations. It’s really going to be very exciting!!

When you hold your smart phone to a specific location, there you can overlap the applications historic photo and then you can experience the difference between the two snaps. Here you can see more of the past and more of the present. That’s really a cool experience!!

Time STOPS never, but TIME STOPS HERE!!!

The results seen are uneven as you have to match the exact location with your photograph but when it is matched you will experience the obsessing effect. Oh! How thrilling!!

Another part of this idea is “It Happened Here”. This iPhone and Android application lays description of the historic events on the map. The information regarding any historical monument is displayed with the picture. This is again a booming idea!!

Let us be the part of our past when we are in the future!!

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