Tattoos for the Talented

The Sport that keeps the Tattoo Industry Prospering
Tattoos are fascinating.
They are a form of expression.
They are art.
The presence of ink among professional athletes is more popular now that it has ever been. Many of the great NBA players have tattoos, but it doesn’t stop with just one or two. Basketball players sure know how to keep tattoo artists busy, but they also require a tremendous amount of tattoo supplies (
Here’s a list of the ten most tattooed NBA players:
10. Allen Iverson -- Beginning his career with one single tattoo, Allen Iverson is credited for being the pioneer of having crazy amounts of tattoos in the NBA. He is often criticized for having too many tattoos, but every tattoo that Iverson has gotten means something special to him. His tattoos are his motivation to play his heart out in every game.
9. LeBron James -- Starting his tattoo journey in high school, LeBron is known for the tattoo on his back reading “Chosen1.” Other notable tattoos include his initials scripted on his triceps and a logo of a lion’s head wearing a crown on his left arm, making “King James” quite an appropriate nickname.
8. Matt Barnes --Both of Barnes’ arms are covered in ink, but his favorite and most special tattoo is on his neck. It says “Believe” over a pair of hands in a prayer fashion. He also has the letters “FTH” tattooed on his chest, which likely stands for something that shall remain off the record.
7. Marquis Daniels --If tattoos can make you look tough then Marquis is tough as nails. His most notable tattoos include the outline of Florida on his back and “Only the Strong Survive” written over an image of a shotgun suicide on his right forearm.
6. Kenyon Martin -- Kenyon has tattoos running down both of his arms and an elaborate crucifix covering the majority of his back with the words “I shall fear no man but God.” One of the most interesting tattoos found on his body is a pair of his then girlfriend’s red lips on the right side of his neck. Kenyon learned the hard way that tattoos can last longer than love.
5. DeShawn Stevenson – It is likely that the death of Stevenson’s dad (who had “DeShawn” tattooed on his chest) encouraged him to find deeper meaning in his body art. His most notable tattoo is a portrait of Abraham Lincoln on his neck. He later added the fives on either side because people kept asking who it was. Don’t you think the American population would know what our 16th president, and the presenter of the Gettysburg Address, looks like?
4. Gilbert Arenas -- Aside from drawing a gun on a teammate, Arenas is known for PETA’s “Ink, Not Mink” campaign. He further supports animal rights with a tiger-like image covering his chest and stomach. His back gives a new meaning to the term “family tree” by displaying pictures of his family sprouting off a tree.
3. Dennis Rodman -- During Rodman’s time on the court, tattoos were not big to NBA players. Not only did Rodman break the mold with tattoos covering his arms, chest, and even belly button, but he often presented himself with multiple body piercings and ever-changing hair color.
2. J.R. Smith -- Smith is so covered in tattoos I wouldn’t be surprised if he sweats ink. His arms, back, chest, and neck are all covered with outrageous designs. Giving him some competition off the court, Smith’s girlfriend is just as tatted as he.
1. Chris “the Birdman” Andersen – With over 37 tattoos, it’s no wonder that the Birdman is ranked as NBA’s #1 most tattooed and colorful. Impossible to go unnoticed, his neck is adorned with a colorful piece that says “free bird.” Shockingly, his face is the only part of his body that remains ink-free. Want to place bets on how long that will last?
Having tattoos has practically become a prerequisite to being an NBA star. So before you hit the courts you might want to first consider getting inked.
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