Tablet & Mobile App for Sending Free Texts and Free Calls: Easy Text

iPad, iPod Touch iPhone Mobile App for Sending Free Texts and Free International Calls: Easy Text

New inventions are capturing the world faster than ever. Every sunrise gives the world start of new innovative things. Currently, an application has been launched which allows the users to have free text and free overseas calls. Isn't that awesome!!

Yes…EasyTalk. A cool phone technology!

As the name suggests EasyTalk, it's a very different form of phone application. It constructs its own contact list of your iPhone address book and Facebook friends list and allows you to send free messages and create free phone calls to them.

You can call them at any convenient time from anywhere. The application EasyTalk works till it is been installed in your friends iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch.

Let us take a quick look through the astonishing features of EasyTalk:

• The very first and important feature is that it provides unlimited FREE text messages and FREE phone calls.
• There is no need of any setup to be installed.
• There is no necessity to remember any of your phone numbers.
• It's rather very comfortable to operate.
• It has the ability to invite Facebook friends to download the application.
• It supports sending and receiving of offline messages too. So, if your friend has become offline before getting the message, don't worry he will be able to read it immediately next time when he opens the application.
• It accompanies simultaneous texting and voice calling.
• It supports blue tooth device.
• It supports remote control on headset too.

Have the application installed on your smart cell phone and enjoy chitchatting, that to for FREE!!!

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