T-Mobile-USA: Screen Cell Phone Calls

Usually we are afraid of receiving an unknown number (cold) call. But do not worry. You can find whose number before you answer, if you are with T-Mobile, USA.

T-mobile is soon going to be the part and parcel of AT&T and is claiming that this is first of the major wireless carrier to support in the USA this kind of amazing caller ID service, which also shows the caller's name, even this is not listed in the phones's address book.

How to, Track & Trace an Anonymous Caller and his history, even he is NOT in your phone's address book

Yes… the T Mobile application has been evolved and is “NAME ID”. The application allows you to see the name and phone number of the person who is calling the interesting thing in that is the persons history is visible to you even it is not listed on your cell phones address book.

Thanks to the cell phone caller ID technology from Cequint!

T-Mobile is spreading out a pay-per-month service that permits users to start screening calls from their Smart phones.

The service, NAME ID will show incoming callers name, phone number, and city and state even it is not added in your cell phones address book.

Well, with the help of NAME ID it becomes easier for the users to track & decide to which call they should answer. An unknown number call often left customers in guessing. Sometimes you can miss the important calls, but now with the use of NAME ID you can easily find the calls to answer.

It becomes more confident and comfortable for the receiver / users to view the history of incoming call before giving any reply.

Get ready for the apt mobile call tracing app installed on your Smart cell phones, they serve you right!





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