So You Have a Business Contact from Linkedin - Making a Good First Impression

Bringing New Business Ideas Into the World
The best chance for a quick profit on a new process is often in selling it to large or major high profile company, corporation or venture-capital Company. Yet it seems that no matter how well connected inventors may be – even with such up to date relationship and contacts building social media sites like “Linkedin” or even Facebook, its never easy nor goes according to plan. Welcome to life and the world of international business in 2011.
Authorities and business consultants in the field state that the overall experience of those whom had success in promoting new idea into the world of commerce and marketing often state that preparation and the compilation and writing of good basic email letters and communication are often in retrospect the most valuable time spent. Prioritize this set of tasks.
Where and how to get started?
1) State in the first paragraph that no confidential information will be disclosed in the rest of the email. The basic and essential reason for this is that companies will put aside any communication that lacks such a statement. They fear legal problems from reading such proprietary information. What you are sending is not wiki-leaks. Instead wisely use the black-box method of saying what goes into a process and what comes out – but not essentially what goes on inside
2) Describe the closest competition to the idea itself. Its most important to spell out why the idea will generate higher profits than rival inventions or systems in place in their industry or areas of expertise
3) Detail the degree to which the idea is proprietary. If there is a barrier against future competitors copying that idea or sets of idea explain that as well
4) Lastly sketch the background of individuals and authorities involved prompting this idea, set of ideas or systems to provide a good proof source, for both reassurance and support that they are qualified to make these claims.
Remember that in the end that the idea is in your head or in the mind sets of those in your group or community. Whom ever you are involved with or making the presentations to – even if only by email or via the phone with supporting documentation to follow. These agents or representatives, in the vast majority of cases do not function alone. They are part of a selection group or process. They have to “sell” the idea to others – whether it’s the committee, their superiors or to another department.
Make both of your lives easier and vastly increases your chances of success by taking the time ahead of any actions to prepare your introductory emails and proper support and supportive materials. It’s a much wiser, business like and professional approach. Always remember that ‘first impressions are lasting impressions”.

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