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How to Use Apple iPod Touch & amp; iPad Tablet as iPhone (Real Phone)?

For VOIP calling (WIFI & 3G, 4G), an innovative application (app) has buzzed the whole world with its most exciting features.

"Smart Mobile" is the name of this astonishing application. As the name suggest it has all the smart mobile VOIP features build in it.

Smart mobile wireless, an innovative development company has released the application which has the facility to make unlimited call to any landline or mobile numbers. How exciting, is it for real or has any fine prints, comes many questions in the mind?!!

There are various types of applications (VOIP Apps) in the current scenario which makes the people connect with each other. But generally everyone charges some how the other. Their charges are on top of a monthly rental. Thus taking this thing in consideration the smart wireless company decided to launch the application which would offer unlimited communication service in affordable price.

The newly launched application is supported by Apple iOS - iPhone (2G, 3G, 3GS, 4G, 5G), iPad, iPod touch, Google - Android and RIM - Blackberry devices which permits calling to anyone, anywhere and anytime. The application has superb sound quality and has lighting fast messaging speed, as they claim.

The most astonishing feature it had is that it can turn, convert or rather modify your Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch into a regular mobile device that can preferably runs your whole business wherever you are on the globe, is not that amazing!!

Yeah… there is no one you can find who is not using this application for communication purpose. Everyone enjoys saving their wireless bills as well as they enjoys the features such as All In One messaging feature that assigns your IM accounts in one location for better management. Also you are having the feature of unlimited calling on any landline or mobile number that too for FREE. This seems really cool!!

The application is very comfortable in using. It can be used within 30 seconds after downloading them on your smart phones. Smart mobile wireless, smart VoIP calling can be used for chatting and using your favorite instant messengers which really fits to the current life style of the peoples. Thus, due to this application, people are no longer tending to waste their bugs over their mobile calls.

Get a Free Lifetime VOIP Calling subscription for the:

"All volunteer" military service members,local & federal law enforcement agencies, teachers, doctors and nurses in the United States and Canada and following:

All Military Personnel - Army, Navy, Air Force, & Marine Corps, National Guard and Reserves

All Disabled or Medically Discharged Vets

All USO Members

United States Coast Guard

United States Customs

Local and Federal Law Enforcement

Doctors & Nurses

All Fire Departments & Emergency Response Personnel

Well, smart mobile wireless always searches new techniques to communicate in a better, cheaper and smarter manner with all the peoples around the globe.

Stay ahead of the arc and your business challengers by giving yourself and your Smartphone the ultimate gift of Smart Mobile and start reducing the cost of your wireless bill today!

Stay informed with Telephoon Tech & VOIP Blog, in the world of wireless applications! We will serve you right!


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