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Science & Technology is NOT the name of a fiction or Harry Potter's fantasy tales! They can be and are true & have some logic behind, like a hot Sun, which roams the blues, always and all around, we can watch, feel or confirm it!

Well, Facebook is supposed to make an announcement dubbed as SURPRISE! But unfortunately Full of Jinny is out of the bottle before it should opened, the surprised is leaked (I am surprised why every tech news gets a leakage in USA?! Any guess?) and the the surprise seems to be is that Skype powered VOIP chat is coming to Facebook users!

Google Hangouts Video Chat versus Skype-Facebook Alliance

Google recently launched Google+ / Hangouts a social platform of interaction and video communication, its bit like Facebook but is different in video chatting, in Facebook you can make a written or text chat but in Google+ one can make a social video chat that is too in group too with voice or text, this is all about the circles, sparks, hangouts etc.

It seems Facebook is nervous over Google+ and its Hangouts video chatting and thus the Skype comes to rescue Facebook and its own existence with the giant Google! All of the big guns are fighting hard for getting in more social avatars and to taste the pleasant video calling worldwide market!

This is all, this time, in between the Facebook, Google, Skype (Microsoft).

... my Facebook - Skype friends just brace up for a new free unlimited international video chat session on Facebook over MS Skype VOIP!

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