Six Diabetes Tracking Mobile Apps

Diabetes Tracking Mobile Apps
With cell phones increasing in popularity and technology, which one should a diabetic choose to keep track of blood sugar numbers? That is a hard choice to make and especially difficult to make the right decision if you don’t know what you want your diabetes tracking apps to do.
What Exactly is Diabetes?
Assuming you are looking for an app on behalf of a loved one with diabetes, it might help to have some background on the disease. Many people walk around with diabetes without even knowing it. That's because early symptoms seem harmless.
Frequent or excessive thirst, frequent urination, intense hunger, weight gain or loss, increased fatigue, irritability, blurred vision, more yeast or skin infections, itchy skin, bruises, gum disease, sexual dysfunction or numbness and tingling in the hands and feet can all be written off as mild problems on their own. Only when those symptoms intensify do many patients seek help for diabetes. Yet, the earlier diabetes can be diagnosed, the greater the chance of avoiding serious complications from the disease.
Looking for a Diabetes App
As far as choosing diabetes tracking mobile apps go, simplicity is vital. After all, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Those developing diabetes later in life need apps that are simple, intuitive and technologically unintimidating. Among the apps on the market, these fit those specifications best.
1. Glucose Buddy – This cell phone app is a longtime leader of the industry. It provides tracking as well as syncing to a website.
2. If parents have children with diabetes, they may want to consider getting the tool called “Carb Counting with Lenny”. This meter from Medtronic Diabetes is a great tool to have for educating children about diabetes and how to manage it with a smart diet (
3. Blood Sugar Diabetes Control – This diabetes tracking mobile app is a simple to understand tracking tool complete with charts. This app not only tracks your blood sugar but medicine, food and exercise, too.
4. Vree for Diabetes – Merck & Company published this app in order to provide common tracking points for glucose, nutrition and exercise activity. This app also keeps track of other items such as medical history, blood pressure and weight.
5. Glucose Tracker – This mobile app is capable of glucose tracking as well as functioning as a charting tool. It will also track your medications, which, if you are anything like this writer, she takes a boatload!
6. Diabetes Buddy – This is just another app that provides you not only with glucose tracking but also with other information such as nutrition, activity, water intake, weight and blood pressure.
You might have to try a few of these before you find the one that suits you or your diabetic loved one best. Go with the more affordable ones first so you don't waste money on apps that don't work for you.
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