PokeTALK Offers Exclusive Credit to Make Calls Worldwide

PokeTALK's Exclusive Credit Offer: Make Worldwide Calls: for Talkfree7 VOIP Global Readers!

We all want to make calls worldwide, using services that are free and convenient.

PokeTALK offers just that - a variety of options, VOIP... for you to call, at the lowest rates in the world – to all destinations.

Cheap, Easy and Accessible

To commemorate a milestone of 5 million active users, PokeTALK is offering an exclusive $3 free credit for Talkfree7 VOIP Blog global readers, all you have to do is to send an email to:

And choose the best way for you to call,

- Using the iPhone or Android application. The service doesn't require a Wi-Fi connection, so you can be 100% mobile as you talk!

- Using the Local Numbers service, which allocates a local national phone number for your contact abroad – allows you to save even more! And… you can call from any phone or mobile

- Or… just use the Web Callback service from your desktop, which will connect the call between your phone and your contact's abroad.

Who said that savings means losing your convenience, when it’s PokeTalk calling time!?

Keep calling, keep talking, PokeTALKing!

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Anonymous said...

great offer

my email [email protected]

yours john

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