Packet 8 VS Axvoice - Which One is the Right Choice For You

Packet 8 VS Axvoice

Internet phone service has been a blessing in disguise, as earlier people did not recognize its true abilities. We all believe that there are many good VoIP providers out there to choose from but it is easier said than done because of so many mistrusts and backfires. Axvoice and Packet 8 will be compared to let you have an idea, which one is best for you. I will review both the services against the earlier experiences I had with the different VoIP providers.

Reliability factor

I value reliability of an internet phone service ( above all other factors because if I cannot rely on my phone service what will I do in case of emergencies. Often people tend to confuse reliability with call quality. However, reliability has nothing to do with the quality of calls that you have to make. I have used Packet 8 and Axvoice for several months now and haven’t had any issues in terms of reliability. Every time I wanted to make a call, the dial tone was clear and I was able to connect myself anywhere I had liked to within no time.

Voice quality

After reliability what comes as an important factor in considering a phone service for home is the voice quality. I used Packet 8 and Axvoice for making local and international calls. Local calls went smooth with both Axvoice as well as Packet 8. However, the real difference that I experienced was in international phone calls. Axvoice offered a smooth calling experience and there wasn’t any drop in the call quality. However, Packet 8 wasn’t able to offer a very smooth calling experience for international calls, especially when the international calls were of longer duration.

Phone installation

Many people feel that all VoIP providers offer a simple to understand phone and anyone can install it. However, this notion is far from reality. Many VoIP services are not that friendly to install and people do have trouble running their phones. As far as Axvoice and Packet 8 go, I had a different experience installing both of them. Axvoice was installed within no time and there weren’t any special arrangements to make or assistance needed. Packet 8 on the other hand, didn’t go that straight. In fact, I had to get guidance from their customer support department numerous times before getting my Packet 8 phone service ready. Honestly speaking, it was an uphill ride.

Service features offered

Service features do matter a lot. More service features mean more value for your money and fewer features mean the utility that you will be able to derive out of your phone service is very limited. Comparing Axvoice and Packet 8 in this regard was really an abysmal experience. Axvoice offers more than two dozen features to its customers while Packet 8 offers very limited number of features. In terms of features Axvoiceis far ahead of Packet 8.

Phone bills

A major worry for all phone users is to reduce their monthly phone bill. When we talk about the phone bills with Axvoice and ViaTalk, the difference isn’t significant in local calls. But as far as the international call rates go, Axvoice is way below Packet 8. I happen to make a lot of phone calls abroad and for me Axvoice is a far better choice than Packet 8.

Packet 8 and Axvoice both are competitive VoIP services but when we look closer, Axvoice is better in many regards. First off, Axvoice is a lot more cost effective to use, it is easy to install and lastly, it offers greater value for money you invest in it through the service features that it offers.


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