Movirtu Cloud Phone: Unique SIM-Cell Concept

How to Access your Phone (with your own number) from any other Mobile?

... Now owe a virtual phone account (like any email account) with your own telephone number, that you can access from ANY other mobile phones! (like you access you own email from any computer),

None of us will deny the fact that technology has shrink-ed all the physical boundaries between us. Technology for wireless & communication is one of the most widely and commonly used stuff today. We use land lines, cell phones, laptops, Internet and various such things to communicate with each other and this really makes life so easy. The world is just say a call away, is not it?

But has anyone ever given a thought that what about the people who can not afford to buy a phone, leave aside the smart phones or the tablets?

I know it’s really complicated to think over it, is not it? Because of course we do not have solutions to such problems. But now there is n reason get disappointed because of Movirtu!!!

Movirtu is an institution for Mobile Identity Management (MIM) solutions for wireless telecommunication service providers. It had completely delineated the mobile structure by using a cloud base to tie a mobile to a user instead of a device.

What is Movirtu Cloud Phone?

It can be said that this a special phone for this evolving world. This cloud phone will render capability to a group or a community to share a single mobile phone, hmmm wait don’t shrug your shoulders because you won’t have to share you numbers or your information.

You possess your individual mobile numbers but the service providers can offer their subscribers virtual numbers and identities with out having the need to also provide them with a sell phone. You cam receive and make calls from various different accounts from one single device or just borrow some one else’s phone. Is not that superb?

Just like all of us access our email accounts from any xyz computers. The technology of this cloud phone also works in a similar manner.


• This helps tremendously to influence and attract countrified communities at a very cheap cost.

• This permits businesses to keep in line multiple identities and different people on a single device.

• It will also possess a gateway that will enable to use m-money services like M-Pesa.

• People can also share single device with their family and friends and even use the local telephone over the road sides which are controlled by agents or communities.

• This technology does no require any special kind of software or handsets or SIM cards. It usually works immediately on all ordinary phones and even the basic ones.

• This is an extremely good option for the people who cannot afford to buy a mobile phone.

• Also the potentially owner o the phone receives some kind of credit in the form of a certain percentage.

• This is perfectly secure to use as it does not allow any other person using the same phone to access your information.

A phone number was till now tied to a location, but now it’s tied to your SIM card. Your phone is finally corresponding to you and not the place you are located at.

How much this technology will evolve, is there any end point in the sight : )

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