Lifesize Working on Video Conferencing App for Android

Video conferencing has just become that little bit more exciting with the news that Lifesize is preparing an Android app that will allow for a video conferencing session to be carried out via an Android Smartphone or tablet all in the palm of your hand. Lifesize already have an app which carries out a similar task on the IOS and the version used in Android devices is expected to have similar functionality. Lifesize mentioned that although the first version will allow for one way video communication, an improved version supporting two-way video should be available later this year.

Logitech, The parent company of Lifesize, specialises in computer and office hardware and has used its expertise in this area to help Lifesize to become the video conferencing specialist that it is today. This development shows that Lifesize is interested in video conferencing on portable technology and that they have good reason to be excited about this since IGD Tech Voices declared 2011 as “the year of video conferencing”. The CEO of Lifesize, Craig Malloy, said:

“There's no real enterprise-class, connected, Smartphone video calling. That is going to become the new broadest part of the [video communications] market, whereas today it's PCs and notebooks."

Lifesize understands that being a division of Logitech will help them in the video conferencing market and be able to compete with HP and Cisco. Damaka, a leader in mobile UCC solutions launched Amadeo, which is a video conferencing platform for major smart phones, tablets and PC or MAC platforms. Although, with the upcoming release of the Lifesize conferencing apps, LifeSize is sure to get plenty of recognition and possibly make them a well-known name in the business world. Craig Malloy (the CEO of Lifesize) admitted that developing an app for the Android OS was far more difficult compared to developing one for the Apple OS due to there being many versions of the Android OS so he had to incorporate all of them.

Video conferencing apps will be huge as they allow for a form of communication which is much more personal and professional than a simple voice based communication method. Google gained its own video conferencing solution when it purchased Global IP. A number of other companies are also getting into video conferencing for Android games, such as Skype and Oovoo to name just a few, so it will be interesting to see which one comes out on top!


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