Learn Transit Navigation in Google Maps 5.7 for Android?

We all want to learn about the latest technologies and wish to have it with our own devices.

This is very keen when it’s about the new cell phones and its latest applications. Every one is anxious as to what new application is been introduced in cell phones.

We here at the Talkfree7 would like to share with you a new technology or to say a new application with you, that is: Transit Navigation in Google Maps 5.7 for the Android cell phones.

Google’s Google Maps 5.7 for Android.

They say, that this application is been added from Bangkok to Baltimore.

*The application Transit Navigation (Beta) has an extremely modified approach of directions.

* Also this gives much better proposed results.

• It also enables you with a photo viewer to place pages.

Due to all this, it is an extremely advantageous application which is of great help when you are traveling anywhere, be it in your own town or in the remotest place on the globe.

Transit Navigation (Beta) provides you with systematic and detailed transit directions about more than 400 cities of the globe.

How it works?

Google's Transit Navigation works globally in more than 400 cities worldwide. It is simple to operate this application. You just have to select Google Maps and then click on the option of directions.

You will then have to enter the location from where you will start traveling and the location to which you planning to go.

After this just select the trip that suits you perfectly.

Now you will be able to see a transit icon on the right side top of your screen, once you click on it you will start to get directions.

Once you reach your desired location the GPS based navigation app for Android will alert you that you should be getting down. It’s just like someone guiding your personally, is not it?

This development introduced by Google is certainly a huge milestone. It’s so obvious that once you start to travel you tend to start reading a book, or listen to your favorite music, or even at times just fall asleep.

Get an Automated Phone Alert at Reaching the Destination

But then you are always worried about passing your destination, but with this application things will change. The phone will itself alert you to get down when you approach the destination. Wow this sounds really good!!!

The company has also improved on various aspects of search options and has tried to streamline them in a systematic manner. Also now it’s unbelievably easy to just get these options on your cell phone screen.

It does not really make a difference even if you are walking or driving a vehicle; Transit Navigation (GPS based turn-by-turn or stop-by-stop navigation) will provide you absolutely step-by-step directions about reaching your destination.

This is also because it provides you with options like Driving Navigation, Walking Navigation and Directions.

You can now get set go to explore the world with Transit Navigation in Google Maps 5.7 in your Android cell phones.


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