Islamic Compass Free App - Prayer Times & Adhan Alarm

Islamic Compass Free App - Prayer Times & Adhan Alarm

Religious prayers have special importance and value in the all and in the Muslim religion. It is treated as the most esteemed part of the day to please the god. They start their day with the Adhan (Azaan), invoke the lord again with the prayer and after the sunset they praise the Lord with the same. Seeing this importance, Azan alarm clock has been brought into the practice by iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch App.

Masha Allah, this application is designed for the 5 Adhans of the day that are Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha as well as can be used as day stand as well as nightstand. The Adhans are played automatically at the devoting times. It displays the worship time as per the map location.

Thus in whatever location you are, you can easy get to know the time of your Adhan and start with the prayers.

Free Islamic Compass App - Performs Holy Prayer Times / Adhan Alarm

While starting the invocation, next things which comes on priority is the direction in which one has to perform the prayer. It carries a great significance too. You can take a sigh of relief because Apps for Apple IPhone, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch has introduced an Islamic compass which detects the Qibla direction for the prayers.

Let’s see what features this application possesses:
 Arabic designed digital clocks
 Automatic playing of Azan with push notification
 Playing of Adhan even when application is closed
 Play azans at any time you want using the unique azan player screen
 Setting of alarms with your favorite iPod music
 Unlimited alarms with snooze options
 Adjustable foreground and background brightness by sliding the screen
 Option for manually adjusting prayer time.
 Worldwide prayer times calculation and azan alarms
 Doesn’t require a data connection for Islamic Compass
 Compass always points to Makkah from any position
 Plays adman on the time of prayer
 HIJRI calendar
 Manual prayer time adjustment

With all these features, it becomes easy for a travelling Islamic person to do the Adhans. Growing technology & science has developed in making a great difference in our day to day life. Then why not to use these technologies for the spiritual thing? This application includes all the essential tools for the prayer times. Your concern for the interaction with the highest power of the world, The Gods is tried to be simplified with this application.

This application of Adhan clock and compass is good news for all the Muslims and is beneficial for them in many different ways and especially during the Islamic Holy month of Ramadan.


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amazing facts. I really like your blog about apps of islam.
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