iPad, IPhone Cloud App: Shrinks Data Plan & Bill

Onavo: An iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Cloud Server App to Shrink Your Data Plan (in fact it doubles or triples it) & Your Phone or Data Bill Thus saves Money!

An App or the application has been emerged which promises to save your money on your smart phone (Apple iPhone) data. Is not that cool to hear? Well, we are hooked to data particularly on mobile devices. There isn’t any organization or any kind of system who looks after the data addiction. Therefore, a technology called “ONAVO” came into existence.

Onavo can be described as a MUST APPLICATION for all the iPhone, iPad Tablet, iPod Touch users. Onavo established its first application for all the iPhone users in April this year to get assurance to all mobile users over the data they used. It is likely to be said that the first application that one should install in his/her iPhone is ONAVO.

This is a Magical Data & Money Shrinking Machine, rather than an Ordinary App

Onavo‘s main aim is to shrink the data usage and thus simultaneously your bill too. You just have to install the free application and it will perform its work behind the scene in a very good manner and thus you can continue enjoying the data as you supposed to do like surfing, mailing and many more.

Now let us see what is happening in the background. On the Onavo’s cloud server technology is present called as compression technology. When data is moving to its destination, the compression takes place before the data arrives to the device.

Onavo’s main targets are the business persons who are very apparent to purchase outrageously high cost data plans while on personal or professional trips. Also Onavo lets the significant measure for domestic data usage too.

Along with data shrinkage Onavo enable the iPhone users to see which of their applications are acquiring more data. The main purpose is to communicate with all the mobile users and to help them to make a wiser decision and finally save money.

Onavo endows the cell phone and tablet users to retrieve control of their cell data utilization by offering a service that allows mobile data usage easily achievable.

Also Onavo permits you to double or triple your data plans wherever you are; in abroad or at home.

Now be cool, peaceful to access your phones data even under the rigorous plans.

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