An Introduction To How Computers Actually Work?

We live in a digital world, whether you like it or not the internet (and computers) have changes society for good. However, one thing seems to elude a lot of people, they don’t actually know how computers work?
So we decided to do a little research on the subject.
It appears there are a number of different components that need to come together to make our computers work, obviously the basics of a computer’s make up is the hardware, which are the physical components that make it up (the bits we can actually feel). It also requires software, which is a collection of computer programmes that actually instruct the computer what to do. In fact, as far as information processing goes they are like a simple human brain.
Examples of Hardware
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Examples of Software
Internet Browsers
We now start to get a little bit technical the main part of a computer is call the Central Processing Unit (CPU), which interprets information send by the user - it is also known as the information processor.
But how does it work?
For example if you are opening a browser, you use the mouse to click on the icon you want to open, then information is sent to CPU, which in turn actions the command. The CPU is basically the computers brain; it sends and receives information just as our brains do.
The CPU is set on the motherboard with other various components. Other residents of the motherboard include the computer’s memory, which is split into two main kinds: the Random Access Memory (RAM) is readable and can also be written to, and Read-Only Memory (ROM) can only store data and cannot be written to.
But what do they actually do? As indicated in its name, the RAM is the memory part of the computer, is stores data for the CPU, which can be called upon to perform certain actions. The ROM does the same job the RAM does for the CPU but for single chip components such as video cards and the main motherboard.
Of course for the ‘brain’ to work we need as number of other components to do their job. A power supply is needed; this is the life source or the heart of the computer. As well as that we need eyes to see, for the computer this comes in the form of the graphics card which is used to display graphics on the screen, ears and of course vocal chords are represented by sound card and internet connection – all controlled by the CPU.
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