How to Unblock Skype in Gulf (UAE): Facebook VOIP Telephony

Status of Skype Powered VOIP free video calls in UAE?!

How to unblock the Skype (VOIP) calls in Gulf (UAE) is a million $ question for the guys living there,

UAE (Gulf) / Middle East (MENA nations) etc are one of the few nations which have banned or blocked the VOIP free / cheap telephony /Apple Facetime free WIFI video calling etc. from their soil, due to perhaps from the national telecom players like Du / Etisalat?? They of course fear big loss of revenues if VOIP is initiated from there,

Now when Skype powered Facebook audio video calling is available to all and internationals, than why this Gulf region / UAE should suffer the isolation or penalty?

Telecom regulators from this VOIP blocked region should come ahead and do the long awaited desired justice!


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